The battle of who controls Nagasaki’s Integrated Resort (IR) is over as Casinos Austria International wins the bid. The Nagasaki prefecture announced this within the week after months of bidding. About five companies were in the race to win Nagasaki’s Integrated Resort bidding.

Casino Austria international can negotiate with the Nagasaki prefecture on the terms to build the casino resort for land-based and online gambling. Nonetheless, the conclusion of the bidding process comes with its ups and downs. Needless to say, the process was not devoid of lots of unexpected twists.

How Casino Austria International Won the Bidding

Nagasaki adopted a scoring system that didn’t allow the government representatives to know which projects belonged to a particular candidate. According to a Nagasaki government representative, this method will prevent any bias.

At first, the companies that were bidding for the Nagasaki resort were five. However, after some screening, the Nagasaki committee responsible for screening reduced the number to three. The three finalists were Niki Chyau Fwu Group and Oshidori International Development, Oshidori International Development, and Casino Austria International.

At some point, Oshidori withdrew after issuing a public statement. If Oshidori had continued in the bidding, maybe Austria International may not have emerged the winner.

The Twist and Turns of Leading to Austria International Emergence

Furthermore, Casinos Austria International was selected by the Kyushu-Nagasaki IR Operator Evaluation Committee. The Casinos Austria got a total of 697 points at the final evaluation. Meanwhile, Oshidori International Development (OID) followed with 682.8 points. Also, OID partnered with Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment.

The third place was NIKI Chyau (Parkview) Group. They accumulated a total of 667.1 points. Interestingly, Casinos Austria would have lost to Oshidori because they were in the lead after the first presentations. However, Oshidori withdrew from the race four days before the results were announced. Although Oshidori didn’t officially inform Nagasaki officials, their withdrawal from the race came as a surprise.

More so, Oshidori’s withdrawal left their partners Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment confused and in a mess. Furthermore, some sources believe that Oshidori’s withdrawal was because of how the Nagasaki officials were conducting the contest. After the finalists had made their proposals, Oshidori still came third, notwithstanding their withdrawal from the race.

Who Is Casinos Austria International?

Casinos Austria International is a major player in the global gaming industry. What’s more, Casinos Austria International has more than 40 years of experience in the business. The company was founded in 1977. Also, Casinos Austria International headquarters is based in Vienna.

Amazingly, Casinos Austria International has more than 40 casinos set up around the world. Casinos Austria International has casinos in Denmark, South Africa, Italy, Great Britain, etc. Furthermore, Casinos Austria International operates shipboard casinos and slot parlors. However, the gaming company also has an interest in online gambling. The Casinos Austria International has land-based casinos in more than 16 countries across various continents.

Casino Austria International will meet with the Nagasaki officials in the coming weeks regularly to fine-tune the project.

Nagasaki Prefecture Leads the Pack

Considering the speed and resilience Nagasaki officials used to complete the bidding process, it is clear that they want the presence of a casino in their region. It is worthy of note that Nagasaki has always been at the forefront of the pack out of the other cities that were chosen as a casino destination.

The National Government of Japan gave host locations till October to conclude their final presentations. Nagasaki currently leads the pack as one of the locations that have concluded their bidding. Other locations in Japan that have been designated for land-based casinos are Osaka, Yokohama, and Wakayama. No doubt, the real money casino industry would do well in Japan. Considering Japan’s young population, with the coming of land-based casinos, it is very likely that companies that venture into building casinos in the country will enjoy huge profits.

When Is Nagasaki’s Casino Project Expected to Launch?

The land-based casino project in Nagasaki is expected to start running by on or before 2025. Since Casinos Austria has won the bid, there is a step closer to getting a land-based casino in Nagasaki. Casino Austria is expected to get the land for the construction of the casino resort before 2023.

Currently, gambling at online casinos is not legal in Japan. Also, legalizing gambling at online casinos will open the Japanese gaming industry to more investors. Also, considering the huge revenues that gambling at online casinos brings, it would have been helpful at this time of economic downturn.

With the bidding process over, Casinos Austria has already started fine-tuning their plans with Nagasaki Prefecture officials. The casino is expected to cover about 96,875 square feet. Furthermore, the casino will have about 220 gaming tables and 2000 slot machines.


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