The long-awaited Osage Nation casinos construction will commence this month. However, this followed the tribe’s approval of the project on Friday last week. Interestingly, the plan to construct the Osage Nation casino began in 2014, but the first announcement about the project was made in June 2020.

The aim of constructing the Osage Nation casino is to expand the tribe’s existing casinos situated in Pawhuska and Bartlesville. No doubt, this new casino would feature a more amazing gaming experience.

It is expected that the new Osage nation casino will provide other services like hotel, SPA, fitness area, etc.

Features of the New Osage Nation Casino

Considering the hype and excitement attached to the Osage Nation casino, punters would expect nothing short of amazing. Nevertheless, the Osage Nation casino project comprises two locations; Bartlesville and Pawhuska. First, let’s look through the Osage Nation casino features:

Both facilities are not far from the previous locations. Also, the new features are obviously bigger compared to the old facilities.

Overview of Osage Nation Casinos

The Osage Nation casinos were launched in 2007, and they operate more than seven casinos in Oklahoma. According to reports, Osage Nation casino is the 25th biggest tribe in the US. Initially, Osage Nation was named Osage Million Dollar Elm. However, they changed the name to Osage Nation in 2011. Osage Casinos include:

Since they began operations more than a decade ago, Osage Nation casino has employed more than 1000 people. Their yearly payout is also huge. Osage Nation has paid out more than $160,155,909.93 as winnings in the past 12 months. Amazingly, Osage Nation casinos are situated in very impressive locations. Osage nation casino facilities are easily accessible by customers because of their locations.

Online and Land-based Casino in Oklahoma

Compared to land-based casinos, online gambling is prohibited in Oklahoma. Therefore, land-based casino gaming is legalized in Oklahoma. Although there are a lot of online casinos accepting Oklahomans, cashing out may become an issue.

The Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association records show that there are more than 71,000 slot machines in the state. Out of the 102 land-based casinos in Oklahoma, tribal casinos make up a good number.

Nonetheless, other forms of gambling in Oklahoma are poker games, lottery, horse and dog racing. No doubt, considering the huge losses Oklahoma lost in gaming revenues, online casino platforms would be a better substitute.

The Reason for the Construction of the Osage Nation Casino Projects

Obviously, the Osage Nation’s major aim is to enhance their business. Meanwhile, Osage Nations’ previous facilities seem not to accommodate their customers.

Somehow Byron Bighorse, in an interview, said that although their previous facilities in Bartlesville and Pawhuska were good, they had limited ease of access for customers. Bighorse is the Chief Executive Officer of Osage Nations casinos. Aside from that, it seemed that their customers didn’t get enough gaming experience based on the fewer slot machines and tables and their old facility.

Regarding the ease of access, Bighorse concluded that the new facility would provide that and more for their customers. In addition, customers at Osage Nation casinos spend more days because of the hotel that would be built in the facilities. According to Maria Gus, these new projects would also bring more visitors to the region. Gus is the Executive Director at Bartlesville.

The New Osage Nation Casino: Is It a Threat to Other Land-based Casinos?

Of course, other land-based casinos in Oklahoma would also make efforts to expand their facilities. The Oklahoma land-based industry is quite competitive. Aside from that, the Oklahoma land-based casino industry is highly regulated and shows huge potential. Finally, Osage Nation casinos are fun, and with the latest facilities in the pipeline, punters are in for the best gaming experience.