According to ScreenRant, Electronic Arts (EA) recently introduced a new FIFA 21 game tool called FIFA Playtime. The new tool allows FIFA 21 players or their parents to monitor the amount spent on purchasing FUT points. Furthermore, the FIFA series has a gaming feature known as the Ultimate Team mode.

To access more exciting features on the Ultimate Team mode, you can purchase them with real money.

In some quarters, the use of real money on Ultimate Team mode has always been a subject of criticism. The FIFA Playtime feature tends to limit the number of money players spend purchasing FUT points in Ultimate Team mode.

EA FIFA 21 Game: New Features Review

FIFA 21 was released on the 9th of October 2020. The new FIFA series is available on Micro Windows, PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox One. Also, FIFA 21 is the 28th series of the FIFA game. Some of the FIFA 21 features that stand out are:

Criticism Surrounding the FUT Points Feature on Ultimate Team

Before the introduction of FIFA Playtime, the FUT points purchased on Ultimate Team Mode have received some criticism. Some gaming experts believe that it will encourage gambling sites South Africa. Moreover, some of the people playing the FIFA series are not of age to gamble.

For instance, Belgium and Netherland have already stated that selling FUT points on Ultimate Team mode doesn’t comply with their ambling laws.

Also, Canada and the UK are already investigating the use of real money in video games. Somehow, this will prompt game developers and publishers to rethink the way they intend to incorporate gambling with live slots real money into video games.

About EA FIFA Series

Electronic Arts designed the first FIFA game morFelecte than 20 years ago, precisely on the 15th of December 1993. Then, the first game used isometric technology, unlike other games that were designed with 16-bit. The first FIFA only featured national teams, and the players didn’t bear their real names.

Also, it was only available on consoles such as SNES and SEGA Megadrive. Then FIFA 96 was the first to use the player’s real name. Similarly, FIFA 96 allowed players to edit their team formation and so on. At this point, you could play FIFA 96 on consoles like PlayStation and Sega Saturn.

Other FIFA series that followed are:

From the first FIFA series in 1993, FIFA 14 experienced a remarkable change. Not to mention, FIFA 11 introduced the Ultimate Team mode.

Will the FIFA Playtime Tool Affect Your Gaming?

The FIFA Playtime tool introduced in FIFA 21 is to curb the excess expenses made by some players purchasing FUT points. Also, in some cases, some players are under aged to carry out legal transactions.

A survey also showed some players spend so much money on the FIFA series for fun or to be competitive. However, with the Playtime tool, a player can set a limit to what they can spend.

Apart from limiting the premium currency spent, the new tool can also help you determine the number of cards a player can open in FIFA Ultimate Team.

The Expectation from the FIFA Playtime Tool

With the introduction of this tool, gamers will exhibit some diligence in purchasing FUT points. Meanwhile, it will also reduce any abuse or reckless spending.

Finally, the FIFA playtime tool is an EA admission that the gaming series has a gambling undertone. It will encourage responsible gaming and create healthy communities.


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