Gambling at casinos has been a traditional phenomenon for older generations for more than a century. However, with the growing popularity of eSports across the globe, it may likely edge out casinos. eSports gaming is appealing to younger demographics compared to the older generations.

On the other hand, it will not be a bad idea to marry casinos and eSport. Integrating eSports into casino gaming seems like a perfect idea. Perhaps the prize money for winners would increase too.

Would it be possible to draw the younger eSports crowd to casinos?

Nonetheless, it appears that merging both would increase patronage and bring a balance to younger and older gamblers.

The eSports Betting Market

In the past, eSports started as basement parties, and occasional regional gatherings suddenly became a global phenomenon. However, 2020 pushed the limit when traditional sports leagues were postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although a traditional sport has returned, esports is still enjoying huge support among fans. Some gaming experts believe that eSports is the next competitive entertainment. However, such a prediction is not unfounded.

No matter how beautiful the eSports market may seem, there are still a lot of challenges facing the industry. For instance, the constantly changing rosters and lack of concrete schedules are some of the major challenges. Also, the nightmare of ensuring that player’s usernames and other details are accurate is a serious concern for bookies.

From all indications, eSports tend to reach out to an audience that is not interested in traditional sports or gambling. Considering the appeal eSports have gotten internationally, it will be quite a hurdle for casino operators to break into the crowd and steal some eSports enthusiasts.

Casino and eSports: Is There Hope of a Merger?

Although they are a handful of issues stopping casinos from wholly embracing eSports, the major hurdle is their legality. The betting laws in most countries, especially the US, were passed into law before eSports became a thing. Also, the legitimacy of eSports is somehow ambiguous and not spelled out in most gambling laws. Besides, betting websites often run around the grey areas of the gambling laws to operate, but casinos cannot.

Casinos are highly regulated and monitored; therefore, they have to obey all the gambling laws strictly. Nevertheless, this has not stopped some casinos from introducing eSports into that chain of games. Somehow the HyperX Esports Arena in Las Vegas has created an arena where eSports fans can watch live competitions. Furthermore, other gaming companies have also disclosed plans to launch a physical eSports-only sportsbook.

GameCo recently disclosed its plans to bring eSports close to the tables. The company is launching its first physical eSports-only sportsbook at the Sky Ute Casino Resort in Colorado. Since it seems like the perfect idea, will this draw eSports gamers away from online gaming sites? Don’t forget, GameCo is among the biggest video game gambling companies in America. So they may use their influence to coax eSports gamers into the casinos.

COVID-19 and the Impact on Casinos

The pandemic affected the land-based casino industries negatively; hence pulling eSports bettors away may be a challenge. The casino industry is yet to recover from the damage done caused by the pandemic.

Naturally, most eSports fans love to stay in a particular space or in solace to enjoy their gaming. With the lockdown and closure of casinos, eSports fans found more reason to stick to their gaming pattern. With activities resuming at the casinos, some eSports players may start launching into the casinos if their preferences are accommodated.

How to Attract eSports Fans to the Casinos

Although it seems like an arduous task enticing eSports players to the top online real money casinos, there are a few tricks that might work. Let’s take a look at some measures suggested by some experts to lure eSports fans to the casinos:

What’s the Next Level for Casinos and eSports?

No doubt, integrating casinos and eSports is possible. However, casinos need to set the dice rolling by creating the right atmosphere. Also, seeking the amendment of the gambling laws to suit the meager is important too.

Finally, casinos and eSports represent the present and future of the betting industry. Casinos have to embrace the eSports culture to avoid becoming extinct.