Kiowa Casino Properties recently announced its plan to raise the minimum wage of its employees. More so, employees at Kiowa Casino must be excited about the recent news. Furthermore, Kiowa Casino Properties announced on Wednesday that they would increase their minimum wage to $12.57 per hour.

The wage increase came as a surprise to their staff and the general public. Besides, Kiowa Casino Properties wage increase is almost double the of Oklahoma’s minimum wage. Aside from that, the wage increase comes with other allowances.

The management of Kiowa Casino Properties says it’s their own way of rewarding their hardworking and committed staff.

Breakdown of the Kiowa Casino Properties Wage Increase

Kiowa Casino didn’t just stop at increasing their minimum wage across all their venues. Also, Kiowa Casino Properties enhanced their staff benefits and welfare. Apart from the increase to $12.57 per hour, Kiowa Casino Properties staff would enjoy the following benefits:

In the past, Kiowa Casino staff earnings were within the purview of what other casinos in Oklahoma paid. Kiowa Casino announced that the new minimum wage increase and allowances would take effect from the 16th day of August 2021.

Reasons Kiowa Casino Properties Increased Their Minimum Wage

The major motive behind Kiowa Casino Properties’ wage increase is to reward their staff and encourage hard work. According to Jon Peters, most of the staff have happily served at Kiowa for over 10 years. Peters is the Chief Operating Officer at Kiowa Casino Properties. Also, Peters repeatedly referred to their staff as team members.

Also, Peters further added that the wage increase is a way of offering their sincerest gratitude to the Kiowa Casino Properties family that ensures that their venues are a great place to stay and play.

In the same vein, Evan Mills promised that Kiowa Casino would also improve its services to all casino guests. Mills believes that if their team members are catered for properly, they will offer their guests the best services. Mills is the Director of Human resources at Kiowa Casino.

Oklahoma Gaming Industry Outlook

Oklahoma is one of the states in the US that allows land-based and online gambling. Since Oklahoma laws do not outlaw online gambling in any law, the state doesn’t also license or regulate real money online gambling websites. What’s more, players are not banned from playing at offshore online casinos or other gaming sites.

However, Oklahoma has more than 140 land-based casinos operating in the state. Furthermore, the National Indian Gaming Commission regulates all Indian-owned casinos in Oklahoma. Meanwhile, the provinces in Oklahoma are regulated by other land-based casinos that are not tribal casinos. Just like online gambling, Oklahoma doesn’t have a central regulator.

Overview of Kiowa Casino Properties

Kiowa Casino is a known gaming and entertainment brand in Oklahoma. Also, it is owned by the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma. The Kiowa Casino brand was established in 2006. Also, Kiowa Casino Properties have three casino venues called Red Rivers, Verden, and Carnegie. Interestingly, Kiowa Casino is based in Oklahoma, and all their venues have hotels, restaurants, and other amazing sites and scenes.

Kiowa Casino Properties also offers Las Vegas-style gaming experience. Kiowa Casino currently employs more than 300 staff. Also, Kiowa Casino offers lots of slot machines, table games, etc., at their venues.

Prospects of Kiowa Casino Properties

Interestingly, this is not the first time Kiowa Casino Properties is setting out to reward its staff. On the 9th of July 2021, Kiowa Casino & Hotel presented checks to beneficiaries during the 13th Annual Hometown Heroes Event. Also, some of the beneficiaries include local fire, police departments in the area, etc.

Obviously, with the Kiowa Casino wage increase, staff would be expected to be more committed. However, if Kiowa Casino Properties incorporate online gaming into their operations, it will also improve their revenues. Besides, the COVID-19 pandemic stalled Kiowa Casino operations like other land-based casinos venues in Oklahoma. Assuming Kiowa Casino Operation had an online gaming platform, the losses during the lockdown would have been lesser. Nonetheless, Kiowa Casino Operations doesn’t seem to be doing badly either.


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