A recent report shows women have more gambling problems than men in Sweden. Why is that and what does Sweden’s policy on gambling have to do with this? Read the article to find out.

Gambling in Sweden

Sweden is home to many well-known gaming developers. This includes the online slot giant, NetEnt. No wonder Sweden has so many gamblers in the country.

The gross gambling turnover in Sweden is as high as $2.5 billion. With only 9 million of people living in the country, it has one of the highest growth gambling turnover per capita in Europe.

However, this doesn’t come without its drawbacks. The number of people addicted to gambling in Sweden is critically high. Research says as high as 1 in 10 men in Sweden is problem gamblers.

The number of women addicted to gambling is even higher, new research says.

Women in gambling

Traditionally, women are not seen as gamblers by the community, but there are a lot of them involved. A Gambling Commission report indicates that 48% of men in the UK have gambled at least once a month. Only 41% of women did.

Among problem gamblers, there are less women, at least in the UK. In that 48 % of men who gambled, only 3.9% have a gambling problem. For females, the number is as low as 2.2%.

This may be because women tend to play bingo or National Lottery instead of sports betting. These ways of wagering are considered to be less addictive. However, when it comes to online slots, women are on par with men, only 10% less women prefer them. This makes up about 30%.

The other thing that may be influencing women in most countries is that they tend to be more rational when it comes to taking risks. Men on average would take an unnecessary risk in a situation where women would choose not to participate.

Another thing that drives men to gambling is a so-called “lad culture.” You go to a bar, you get drunk, you see a football game, and the peer pressure to bet becomes unbearable.

An anomaly

Among the 45,000 Swedes who have a gambling problem, 64% are young women. That’s unusual to say the least. Sweden became so equal that even women suffer from typically male problems more than men do.

This number is quite a leap too. Four years ago, only 18% of women were problem gamblers. Now, the number tripled.

Whatever is the reason, the survey that found this shows an even grimmer situation. There are 225,000 people in Sweden who may develop a gambling problem soon. That is 3% of the country’s population.

The government is taking measures

The situation is so dire, the government is considering banning gambling completely. It’s radical, but in a situation where 10% of young people are suffering from a problem they can’t control the decision has to be radical.

Some Swedish politicians offer to ban gambling advertising or severely limit it following the UK’s example.


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