It’s been more than a year since casinos in Ontario were shut down. Precisely, casinos in Ontario province have been closed since March last year. With the COVID-19 cases in the province witnessing a decline, the authorities in Ontario have allowed the reopening of casinos.

However, casinos in Ontario must comply with strict COVID-19 preventive measures. The health authorities in Ontario have outlined various restrictions that casinos must abide by.

No doubt, any casino in Ontario that fails to adhere to the restrictions outlined by the health authorities would likely face some consequences. Meanwhile, a few casino companies for real money in Ontario have revealed their interest in reopening on the 16th of July 2021.

Health Regulations Stipulated for Casinos in Ontario

The health authorities set out some restrictions to ensure proper regulation of visitors to casinos in Ontario and guide their operation. Undoubtedly, wearing a nose mask or shield is one of the three-step regulations. Other regulations include:

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) also added that all casinos must post the limit it would operate in a conspicuous position for public view.

The Land-Based Gambling Industry in Ontario

Ontario province has one of the biggest land-based casino/gambling industries in Canada. The province’s land-based industry can be compared to the Nevada gambling industry in the US. With more than ten renowned casino companies operating in the province with various outlets, the Ontario brick-and-mortar casino industry is quite impressive.

However, the COVID-19 disabled all gambling activities in the province for more than one year. Although the authorities are set to reopen casinos this Friday, it will take a while to recover from the one-year loss. Also, the land-based industry in Ontario contributes a reasonable amount to the province’s total revenue.

Should Casinos in Ontario Opt for a Plan B?

With the turn of events in March 2020, it is glaring that land-based casinos need to adopt a new pattern of operation. Land-based casinos in Ontario need to consider incorporating online casino gambling into their services. Although online casino gambling is not legal in the province, if the land-based casino operators push for its legalization, the legislature will scale through faster.

With so many provinces adopting online casino gambling, Ontario would be left behind if they don’t act now. Besides, during the shutdown, it is believed that a lot of Ontario residents opted for online gambling. To keep their revenue intact, Ontario casinos mustn’t disregard online gambling for too long. Who says they can’t earn from the land-based casino and online gambling at the same time. With proper regulations, it’s achievable.

Ontario Casinos Set to Reopen on the 16th of July 2021

Although the 16th of July is the day approved by the Ontario authorities for casinos to reopen, not all will commence a business that same day. At least a handful of Ontario casinos will reopen on the approved date. For instance, Great Canadian Gaming Corp. announced on Monday that 11 of the casinos in Ontario would reopen on Friday.

Likewise, Gateway Casino and Entertainment have also indicated their interest in reopening their casino in Woodstock on Friday. Meanwhile, other casinos owned by Gateway Casinos in other areas such as Clinton, Edward, Chatham, and Point Edward will reopen the same day.

Nevertheless, Fallsview Casino, located in Niagara Falls, will not reopen until the 23rd of July 2021. A top official of the casino company made this known on Monday. Likely, some land-based casinos in Ontario may not reopen till next month. Aside from erecting barriers at tables, other operational efficacies need to be in place.

How Soon Can Ontario Casino Recover from Their Loses?

Recovering from more than a year’s loss would take some time. With casinos operating a 50 percent capacity, it would take more than two years for Ontario casinos to bounce back fully. Also, with the current trend of online casino gambling becoming popular, Ontario land-based casinos may face a huge setback.

There is no gainsaying that for Ontario casinos to bounce back fully, they need online gambling to be part of their operations.


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