Canada officials are speaking up in support of legalization of single-event sports betting in Canada, Toronto Sun reports.

The issue is hard to understand to outsiders, as it only touches on some countries. Follow the article to dig in and understand what’s up with Canada’s laws.

The current laws

Currently, you can’t bet on a single event in Canada. The reasons behind this are too complex to touch in this article, but the outcome is pretty clear.

If you live anywhere in Canada, you can’t just place a bet on Super Bowl. The only way you can wager on a sports event is by betting on three games. That is the required minimum.

It’s called parlay betting, and you can only receive your win if you predict all three games.

Often, it’s not easy to predict one game, let alone three. This is why sports betting in Canada is not really functioning. At least the legal part of the market.

Here’s why Ontarians what to challenge the status quo.

The reasons to legalize

The main reason behind Ontario officials urging the government to legalize single-event sports betting is that people will bet regardless of the rules. How many people you know would trade a single bet on the final match for three bets? Not much.

This is true for Canadians as well. With no legal alternative in place, many people turn to illegal websites or chose to place bets in the US. There’s nothing preventing a Canadian fan from placing a bet on a US website and getting their win without having to guess three times.

This is why so many do this. The estimates show that this ban on single-event sports betting costs Ontario $110 million a year. A huge sum of money that could have boosted the economy of the region and contributed to its government’s budget.

This is sum is representative of over 90% percent of the market. That’s right, the majority of the sports betting market is taken by single-event bets. At least that’s how the things go in Nevada, a US state where gambling is largely legal. The case for Canada should be the same.

With 90% of potential betters going abroad, a huge potential is lost.

The support for changes

The officials were not left alone in the plea to lift the ban that seems so out of place. Huge sports leagues went out and supported it as well. Right now, NHL, MLS, CFL, and NBA all came together to issue a statement in support of the change.

This increased the publicity for the offer, and now it has much more chances of passing. The sports fans will be for it, and with the majority of Canadians being apathetic to the cause, the reform has no viable arguments against it.

What it means to the South African gambler

This news from across the world mean a little hope for South African gamblers. If other Commonwealth countries continue to show support for a more free gambling market, it may mean the South African government is going to listen to their counterparts overseas. That would be one more step towards legalizing online casinos in SA.


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