The Association of South African Bookmakers is supporting equality in the industry. SABA, which is an abbreviation for the organization has declared their intentions by officially supporting the All-in Diversity Project. Learn what this means in this article.

Diversity in gambling

The gambling industry is pretty diverse. The latest UKGC gambling participation report shows that 46% of UK residents have gambled at least once during the month. Out of those who did gamble, 51% are men and 41% are women.

Just as in any other part of life, men and women are equal but different in gambling. While they participate almost on par in gambling activities, they choose different ways to gamble. Men are overrepresented in sports betting, while women prefer the National Lottery. Online slots are preferred by an equal number of male and female respondents to the survey. Men bet more on average, and the top bettors are overwhelmingly male, however.

The All-in Diversity Project data shows that in the companies themselves, equality is also quite strong. 46% of industry workers are female.

However, there’s a lot of benchmarks that are yet to be met. For instance, 76% of speakers that take part in industry events are male. Top positions in the industry are also held by men.

All-in Diversity Project

All-in Diversity Project was started back in 2017 and it set out to fix that diversity issue. The team has developed algorithms for measuring diversity and industry diversity standards.

The project is a non-profit that’s entirely funded by the industry members themselves. Gambling companies from all around the world support this project by funding, research, and data to make the industry a better place for all.


SABA is the Association of South African bookmakers. Bookies from all around South Africa, both online and offline, support the organisation. SABA then sets the industry standards and lobbies the government to improve the quality of the industry overall.

The fact that they join the AIDP means that all bookies from the country are going to comply with the standards. This will inevitably create a better atmosphere in companies that employ women. Since there are so many of them in the industry, this is expected to produce great results for the whole market.

The broader implications

While raising the bar for diversity in the industry is good enough in and of itself, the broader implications of joining AIDP may be even more important.

The thing is, the All-in Diversity Project is based in the UK, and it’s a place where many international companies meet to face the same challenge. This can’t but create a great opportunity for international communication

AIDP is now working with the UK Business Standard Institute to create standards that are going to work globally. The fact that SABA joins at such an early stage means the South African bookies are becoming a part of the global professional elite. This raises the bar not only in gambling but in other industry-related standards as well.