The National Gambling Board is holding a conference with the industry moguls on 18th and 19th July. Read on to learn the details.

Who’s coming?

The annual conference is the place where all the people who make up the gambling industry gather. It hosts delegates from the government and NGB members who make the policy that runs the industry. Local and central authorities and regulators come, as well as representatives of organs who issue licenses.

They’re greeted by the industry players themselves. Big associations of gambling companies come to the conference to meet the legislators. This includes the Casino Association of South Africa and Bingo Association of South Africa, two biggest voluntary bodies that act as industry-standard setters and lobbyists. The South African Gambling Manufacturers Association is also going to come.

This conference is a great place for smaller gambling operators who don’t have a representation to mingle among the bigger players and get to know them.

What’s going to be discussed?

The governmental agencies are going to disclose all the relevant statistics that defined 2018. They are going to say what trends are emerging from the data they see from all across the board, and what are the best practices that companies implement to make gambling safer. That’s something one company simply cannot access due to limited amount of information they receive.

The gambling operators are going to share their experience. This annual conference is a platform for many speakers from both government and private sectors to share their best practices with the rest of the industry and make it better and safer for gamblers.

Manufacturers of slot machines and other gambling electronics are showing off their latest products to the industry. It’s something you can’t achieve in a quick Google search. The industry moguls will see the future of gambling machines in one place, and talk to their makers. They can strike deals along the way.

The conference is also a place where a lot of new regulations are born and cancelled. In a mutually friendly environment, gambling operators and regulators can talk to each other and discuss the problems they’re facing and possible solutions.

Stakeholders of major gambling firms will have a say in this as well. They also have the opportunity to talk to the companies’ CEOs privately and express their opinions about the company they’ve invested in that were missed during formal sessions.

Representatives of smaller companies will have a chance to rub elbows with the elite, network their way to the top, and strike deals that will prove vital for their businesses.

A hope for online gambling market?

During 2018, there were a lot of cases that prove online gambling is a legitimate market, whether the government wants to admit it or not. The Netherlands is on its way to issue first licenses, a thing that was unimaginable a year before. The UK’s regulations of online gambling industry show the effectiveness of a regulated market.

The question about legalising online gambling has to be brought up at the conference. Follow us to learn will the regulators hear it and what’s going to be their response.