It’s finally happening, the Netherlands authorities are legalizing remote gambling! The Senate voted “yes” on this issue on 19 February, De Kansspelautoriteit reports. There isn’t a unanimous accord on when the Act is going to be in full power. Here is what is know as of today.

The Netherlands Gambling Commission has previously stated that fining illegal gambling operators doesn’t work (link here). The thing is they’re registered elsewhere, and getting them to pay a fine is virtually impossible.

This is why the Netherlands authorities believed that making online gambling for those who engage in it safe is hard. When you can’t control the market to some degree, children are going to play games of chance, and people who want to self-exclude may not be able to do it.

The advantages of the bill

The legalization and regulation of online gambling can give plenty of benefits to both online casinos and gamblers.

Online casinos ( can legally work within a country without the fear of persecution. People will want to gamble online regardless of the laws. There’s always going to be decent people who want to make use of the opportunity that is considered unlawful.

After legalization, these decent people can register their businesses and start making society better by paying taxes.

The Netherlands can become a hub for iGaming for the neighboring countries. A license from the Netherlands means to a Belgian gambler much more than the one from Curacao does. Besides this precedent may lead to more legalizations in the countries near the Netherlands.

The players can access their favorite games without the fear that the casino they love will be banned tomorrow, and they lose all their stake. They can be sure that their kids will not be able to gamble from their accounts, and that if they want they can opt for self-exclusion.

The disadvantages of the bill

Even though legalization is almost always a good thing, this bill can have drawbacks as well.

Whenever an industry is becoming regulated, there’s a tax burden to comply with. Your favorite casino may have been able to stay in business because it didn’t pay any taxes. It will close.

There’s a problem for the government as well, as some operators will decide to stay in the dark and not register. The problem of casinos registered elsewhere not paying their fines still remains.

The Gambling Authority gets more power

The tools that the Netherlands Gambling Authority receives to fight the illegal casinos can be considered a good or a bad thing. It depends on where you stand on the issue.

It will now have the power to block banking transactions between illegal casinos and their users. It’s not as intrusive as prosecuting the gamblers and payment option providers. It’s a good decision that protects gamblers while not taking away too much of their rights.

What the future holds

It’s unclear what the regulation would look like in detail, or when will it be implemented. However, it’s a good sign that one of the European powers took a course on legalization instead of restricting the Internet.

Follow us to learn more as progress on the bill is made.