Time2play recently launched a new streaming site that will allow casino streamers looking for an alternative to Twitch. The online gaming review site Time2play announced its plans to provide streamers a chance to use the platform instead.

At the beginning of this month, Twitch announced its plans to ban users from sharing links and referral codes to online casino sites to provide roulette, slots, or dice games. The ban came into force on the 17th day of August.

It seems Time2play came to the rescue of streamers after Twitch’s ban, but how will they go about it? We will see!

Reasons Twitch Banned Streamers from Sharing Links to Casino Sites

One of the reasons Twitch banned sharing links and referral codes to online platforms that offer certain casino games was the increased focus on gambling. According to Twitch management, the gambling streaming market recently got more attention in the recent months. Other reasons Twitch gave for the ban are:

Also, since most Twitch streamers are between 13 and 17 years old, the proliferation of gambling streams could encourage underage gambling. Besides, most of the gambling sites that sponsored streams on Twitch are not licensed in the United States. Furthermore, U.S-based Twitch users are not allowed to play on those sites and would not benefit from customer protection that licensed operators may be expected to implement.

The height of it was when Twitch was listed as a prohibited website a few months ago by the Slovakian Office for the Regulation of Gambling because of one user’s poker stream. Twitch was banned immediately by Slovakia.

How Time2play Plans to Curb Any Scams via Gambling Streams

After gambling streamers were no longer allowed to share links and referral codes, Time2play opened its virtual doors for them. However, it seems that Time2play was not entirely in support of the activities of gambling streamers. According to Tim Tepass, real money gambling content is not supposed to sit alongside gaming streams for minors.

How then will Time2play stop these trends that made Twitch ban gambling streams from being shared on their platforms? Tim added that Time2play would provide a dedicated platform that will connect streamers with adult players instead. The aim is to disconnect minors from viewing gambling streams. Tim is the chairman of Time2play.

Also, Time2play plans to ensure that streamers must sign and adhere to their code of conduct. Meanwhile, to ensure transparency, Time2play will let viewers know how streamers using their site are funded.

Overview of Time2play Operations

Time2play is dedicated to providing online gambling reviews. Also, Time2play was established in 2021. According to sources, Time2play is owned by some of the online gaming veterans in the industry. What’s more, Time2play plans to provide gamers with independent and trusted information.

Also, Time2play is a part of the Kafe Rocks Group. The Kafe Rocks Group is a remote-working online gaming affiliate that offers users a wide portfolio of informative websites. The Kafe Rock Group aims to help users make informed choices.

What’s more, Twitch’s ban on sharing casino links on their platform is like a favor in disguise for Time2play. Besides, the live stream content will complement Tim2play’s reviews of legal online casinos and sportsbooks.

What Is Twitch?

Twitch is a popular live streaming provider that has been around for the past 11 years. Twitch was founded in 2011. Also, Twitch provides gamers and lifestyle casters a platform to stream their daily activities and show watchers in real-time. In most cases, streams on Twitch can last from one minute to 8 hours or more. To watch a stream, just browse the various categories and follow the channel you like.

To improve their services, Twitch has partnered with top gaming companies such as Blizzard Entertainment, Overwatch League, etc. In the past, lifestyle casting was popular on Twitch. But in recent months, gambling streams seem to have taken over. Hence the ban on gambling streams stops minors from using their platform. In addition, Twitch also has Android and iOS apps.

Time2play to Start Gambling Streaming Soon

Although Time2play has agreed to allow users to stream gambling content on their platform, there is no set date yet.

Time2play hopes to allow users to start using their platform before the end of the year. No doubt, Time2play will make some profit by allowing gamblers to live stream casino links on their website.


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