2018 was a good year for the industry. We have seen a lot of innovation in gambling. For instance, NetEnt released its VR slot, Gonzo Quest that changed the way we saw gambling as a whole.

Here are the three new online slots we think were the best new titles of 2018.

Castle Builders 2 by Rabcat

Are you tried of conventional slots? Castle Builders 2 is just the thing you wanna play! This iSlot is in many ways more than just a slot.

The thing is, this is a full-on game. You have to pick a character first. The choice will guide you through the game and award different bonuses as you progress.

Then comes the gameplay. You play as a medieval architect, a master mason. This was the way to build a fortune by hard work in the old days of Europe.

You have 72 castles to build across 15 kingdoms. The way you build castles is playing a slot and winning money as you do it.

The first castles will be shabby and may not bring you as much profit. However, as you progress, and your character gathers all the necessary skills and connections, you win bigger and bigger.

You will have amazing bonuses and multipliers as you keep playing the slot. More so, you see your wins amount to something. You will see magnificent castles grow as you play Castle Builders 2 by Rabcat. This is the future of gambling.

Hotline by NetEnt

Hotline is a great vintage slot that looks very much modern. It explores the 80s theme with its fast cars and neon lights.

In the game, you will be able to pick a hotline, a line where more Wilds and Expanding Wilds land, giving you insane wins. Spin cops, fast cars, and jewelry across five reels to win with style.

This slot is all about the atmosphere. Your wins are accompanied by a cool 80s soundtrack that immerses you in the spirit of the time. As you gamble, you believe anything is possible, and wins are just around the corner.

It is a really minimalist slot with few paylines and bonuses. Its crafted towards gamblers who prefer to have a great experience even if this means there are less than 243 ways to win. It’s crafted towards people who know that you only need that much to win really.

Jumanji by NetEnt

If you were born in the 80s, you don’t need an explanation of what Jumanji is. This 2018 video slot explores the theme of the Jumanji movie in all its greatness.

The gameboard is done in a way that resembles the game from the film. There are five reels. The number of rows starts at three at either end, working its way up to five rows on the middle reel.

The wins in this online slot are just as mad as the events of the movie. During bonus games, Wild symbols can appear all over the gameboard, or even whole reels get locked up with Wilds.