According to European Gaming, FunFair has launched a games studio that will attract a new generation of gamblers. Let’s assume you don’t know, FunFair is not a newcomer as far as the gambling industry is concerned. Before now, FunFair conquered the crypto gambling space, and they hope to bring all these experiences to bear in this current project.

As impressive as it may sound, such a feat can only be achieved with a strong and committed partnership. FunFair is partnering with EveryMatrix’s RGS Matrix to ensure that their goal is achieved.

FunFair Gen Y and Z projects were very successful. They attracted a lot of players with their unique and innovative gaming. Considering the fierce competition in the casino space, it seems that FunFair has to do more than talking.

FunFair Partner with EveryMatrix’s RGS Matrix

One of the ways FunFair Technologies aims at achieving its goal is to partner with EveryMatrix’s RGS Matrix. Both companies already have a good reputation and experience in the gaming space, so it appears like the perfect match.

Meanwhile, the aim of partnering with EveryMatrix’s RGS Matrix is to distribute their games to their various platforms and operators. RGS Matrix has a formidable network of operators. Not to mention, the RGS Matrix has a long list of countries where they are certified to operate.

EveryMatrix has licenses to operate in some of the following countries:

Also, RGS Matrix can operate in some African countries too. With such a reputation, FunFair Technology found a worthy partner to meet its aim. However, this is the first time that different operators can access multiplayer games through a single content partnership.

First FunFair Games Launching Soon

FunFair is hoping to launch its first game titled Rocketeers, To The Moon! According to FunFair, this game will deliver enhanced social and competitive elements that new generator gamblers are yearning for.

Furthermore, the new title is a crash-style game that will ignite a nerve breaking experience and huge cash wins. The crash-style gaming titles have proven to generate a lot of income for crypto casinos online for real money. Also, FunFair is looking to cash in on the growing trend of skilled based casino games.

Besides, FunFair’s new title is a multiplayer game. It will feature some interesting gaming designs and interactive components. Similarly, FunFair hopes to deliver a top-notch traditional game with next-generation features. According to Lloyd Purser, FunFair intends to attract a new set of players into the casino sector. Purser is the COO of FunFair Games.

Background of FunFair Technologies

FunFair is an Ethereum-based company designed for online gaming. They are among the leading providers of blockchain casinos with minimum deposit in the world. In other words, FunFair is not an online casino. Their focus is on bringing a solution to slow performance issues, user trust, and reducing operating costs.

Consequently, FunFair was established just three years ago, the1st of January 2017 precisely. Their headquarters are in Singapore, and they have a strong team spread across London and Dublin. The key persons that initiated this platform are Oliver Hopton, Jeremy Longley, and Jez San Obe are the group chairman of the company.

Some of the key aspects of their operations are:

Instead of operating as an online casino, FunFair has achieved landmarks through their innovative technology solutions to casino operators.

Why Dive into Providing Multi-Casino Games Now?

The answer was provided by Lloyd Purser in an interview when he said their experience in operating blockchain made them realize the potential of multiplayer casino games. He also added that their multiplayer game would attract a new audience. Purser further stated that the available few have struggled to find a way to connect with new generation players.

Based on this, FunFair decided to launch its tested crash-style game. They claim that their game will provide a more exciting and innovative multiplayer concept compared to what is provided by some crypto sites. Also, following their partnership with the RGS Matrix platform, operators are not required to engage in any further integration.

Will the FunFair Succeed in Their New Found Quest?

Going by FunFair’s background and pedigree, it appears that they will succeed in their new quest to provide multiplayer casino games. More so, their partnership with RGS Matrix is reassuring. Considering the background of FunFair and RGS Matrix, gamblers are in for a quality gaming experience.

Nonetheless, the multiplayer casino gaming genre is not as competitive as other aspects of online casino gaming. It will be interesting to see what FunFair Technologies will dish out to players.

Finally, with the casino gaming industry becoming intense and competitive, let’s hope that FunFair will be able to scale through with their plans.