No doubt, life itself is a huge gamble. Life is filled with highs and lows. There are several unpredictable things along the way as you journey through life. There is no better way to capture your story than through a permanent inscription on the wall, body, etc. Many people prefer to get a gambling tattoo because it reminds them of their struggles through life.

Gambling tattoos

Gambling-themed tattoos are iconic because they provide a stylish personal story. Most often, the tattoo’s meaning can only be interpreted by the person wearing it.

Furthermore, aside from telling your personal story through gaming tats, you also use it to show off your love for poker, baccarat, or any other casino game. Read this piece and learn why people get gambling tattoos and the best trends to make you stand out. In addition, you will find the best gambling tattoos and South African gambling sites for staunch gamblers like you.

Top 5 Online Casinos for Tattoo Lowers

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2023 – 2024 Trending Gambling Tattoos

To keep you updated with the latest tattoo gambling designs, we did some research to find the best. With so many casino themed tattoos, it may be difficult to make a choice. Before diving into the best gambling tattoo concepts list, check those suitable for modern gamblers.

Gambling sleeve tattoos

Whenever you draw a tattoo of something on your sleeve, everyone knows you are passionate about it. Gambling sleeve tattoos provide endless options with all sorts of combinations. See the best options for sleeve gambling tattoos below.

#1 – Skull Gambling Tattoo

Skull gambling tattoo

Source: Pinterest @wtattoogallery

The skull casino body art is a conspicuous sleeve tattoo. Interestingly, this sought-after body art will make dealers and other players at the table scared of you.

#2 – Seductive Casino Dealer

Seductive casino dealer

Source: Pinterest @kawasook

Let your opponents know you are a lady’s man with this female dealer tattoo. It will look appealing to ladies, too, especially if it’s drawn on your sleeve. Also, it’s one of the best gambling sleeve tattoo ideas for men.

#3 – A King and Queens

A king and queens

Source: Pinterest @ionutpuiu17

Become a pimp and more with this gaming tattoo. No doubt, this casino tattoo will become a classic. Therefore, if you are looking for a tattoo that commands respect, opt for this one.

#4 – Las Gidi

Las Gidi

Source: Tattoodo @thughes873

If you zoom in closely, you will realize that you will see music notes, cards, A’s, etc. Furthermore, the best part of this casino is that it also has a roulette table. The lion on the chest is remarkable and shows you as a fearless gambler.

Colorful Casino Graphics

The interesting thing about colorful casino graphics is that they can’t hide. Anywhere you ink them on your body, it will be noticeable. Check some of the trending colorful gambling tats below.

#5 – Evil King and Queen

Evil king and queen

Source: Pinterest @pinterest

The queen and king on poker are very cards. They command a lot of power and can make or mare your game. Draw this sick tattoo on your sleeve to get the best reactions.

#6 – Fearless Dealer

Fearless dealer

Source: Pinterest @damjc

This gambling tattoo incorporates the fearless casino dealer and poker card. The best part is the teary heart and rose symbol fall from her eyes. To spice up this fearless dealer tattoo, you can inscribe a quote above it. Get the best hand to draw this casino tattoo or the idea will not be achieved.

#7 – The Beautiful Queen and Ugly King

The beautiful queen and ugly king

Source: Pinterest @KG2886

If your partner loves poker, blackjack, or any other card game, opt for this matching queen and king tattoo. These casino tattoos are a good way to burn the fire in your love life. Instead of writing “K” and “Q,” you can write “My King” and “My Queen,” respectively. It resonates with your love and passion for the game and each other.

#8 – 777 Slot Machine

777 slot machine

Source: Tattoodo @21inkedd

This 777 slot machine is a classic game of luck. You can inscribe the 777 slot on your chest or any other part of your body. In case you don’t know, the 777 slot is one of the classic slot machines. At some point, it was the only slot machine available in real-life casino halls.

Traditional gambling tattoos

Most traditional gambling tattoos are simple and straightforward. They don’t often have too many colors. If you want to enjoy a beautiful design and less piercing, opt for traditional gambling tattoos.

#9 – Las Vegas City

Las Vegas city

Source: Pinterest @live_pro

Celebrate one of the cities famous for betting in the world. Las Vegas City has made gamblers rise from nothing to millionaires, so it’s worth celebrating. A Las Vegas gambling tattoo shows your love for the city.

#10 – Blackjack and Poker Tattoo

Blackjack and poker tattoo

Source: Pinterest @mungfali_com

Let’s assume your favorite casino games are blackjack and poker; this is the best sleeve gambling tattoo. The bundle of $100 bills shows you are the winner. Poker tattoos are common these days.

#11 – Flame Casino Gambling Tattoo

Flame casino gambling tattoo

Source: Tattoodo @lea_cramer

Even though this tattoo consists of casino symbols, the flaming fire around them makes a difference. Furthermore, you would love this casino tattoo if you want to show off your sleeves. Meanwhile, if you are light-skinned, this freestyle casino will suit you.

#12 – The Villain

The villain

Source: Tattoodo @bjorn_nota

Scare your opponents away with this fierce-looking gaming casino. The sleeve is the best part of your body that suits this gaming tattoo. To add some spice, write the villain on the top of the tattoo.

Microrealism Gaming Tattoos

Microrealism gaming tats are best inked on the arm or on your neck. These small tats are not shouty but make a lot of impression. Check out a few below.

#13 – A Spades

A spades

Source: Pinterest @TheTattooInsider

The idea that a tattoo must cover your whole body is false. A simple A-Spade ink makes more of an impression than very big gambling tattoo designs. You can ink this small tattoo on any part of your body. Interestingly, this spade tattoo will fit anywhere.

#14 – Easygoing Queen

Easygoing queen

Source: Pinterest @Brockman1998

An ace King and Queen tattoo mustn’t be very big and conspicuous. You can make a lot of impressions with this Queen tattoo on your sleeve. Nevertheless, you can write “I am a queen” stylishly to spice up this gaming tattoo. This ace Queen tattoo is simple but speaks volumes.

#15 – Scary Spade

Scary spade

Source: Pinterest @Marky_tattoo

Not all microrealism gaming tats appear friendly or simple. For a fierce and simple look, opt for this small tattoo. Card tattoos like this one are rare.

Gambling Words Tatts

Most often, gamblers prefer simple gambling words instead of drawing poker, dice, or any other casino symbol. Check out some of the most extraordinary gambling-themed word tattoos below.

#16 – Life Is a Gamble

Life is a gamble

Source: Pinterest @tattoodarkside

Fact check has shown life is truly a gamble because you don’t know what happens the next moment. No business venture is granted to succeed, no matter how sure it may seem.

#17 – Take Your Chance

Take your chance


If you want a mix of words and casino images, then opt for this tat. Ordinarily, gambling is all about taking chances. You can drop this sick poker-inspired tattoo on any part of your body.

#18 – Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Source: Pinterest @nextluxury

This is another beautiful tat that comprises a gambling symbol and words. Las Vegas is very popular for gambling activities. This tat shows your love for the city.

Temporary gambling tattoo

The beauty of temporary gambling tattoos is that you can remove and ink a new one at any time. Gambling tats can be simple or complex. Check out a few temporary tattoos below.

#19 – Funny Ace King

Funny ace king

Source: Pinterest @nextluxury

A temporary gambling tattoo doesn’t have to be simple. This fierce-looking casino can be drawn as permanent or temporary, depending on you.

#20 – Slutty Casino Dealer

Slutty casino dealer

Source: Pinterest @bestpinuptattoo

Demonstrate your love for casino gaming with this colorful temporary tattoo. The best place to ink this temporary tattoo is on the sleeve.

The Best Gambling Tattoo Concepts and Where to Get It

If you are confused about the kind of tattoo you should get, we recommend going for small ones. Don’t opt for full-sleeve tattoos if you are a first-timer.

You may not like the outcome if it is not done correctly. Also, it is good to test the tattoo artist’s ability with a small design before you draw large ones. Nevertheless, consider the reviews of the tattoo artist before you patronize their services.

Finally, casino tattoos are becoming fashionable and not worn only by gamblers. In the past, people with gambling tattoos were believed to be betting freaks or addicts. Casino tattoos are becoming popular because the mindset of people is changing. You can get casino tattoos from any tattoo artist who knows their onus.

FAQ about Gambling Tattoos

What Do Gambling Tattoos Mean?

Gambling tattoos are predominantly casino symbols like dice, cards, dealers, etc. They are tattoos that show you are in tune with the casino world. Also, these gaming tattoos mean good luck, and indicating you have a passion for casino games. It shows your desire to take risks and win. Now you know what a casino tattoo’s meaning is, you can get it from an artist.

Where Can You Get a Gambling Tattoo?

You can get a gambling tattoo from any tattoo artist. However, make sure the tattoo artist has experience in inking gambling tattoos.

Are Gambling Tattoos Safe?

Gambling tattoos are just like any other tattoo. Nevertheless, the safety depends on the tattoo artist who is inking it.

Are Gambling Tattoos Painful?

Generally, you will feel tiny pain when drawing a tattoo. Therefore, drawing gambling tattoos feels the same.