online slots If you are here to know how to cheat online slot machines, you are at the right place. But we have bad news for you. Because online slots are programmed with computer software, cheating is almost impossible. Besides, online slots are not operated mechanically like in the old days.

The only possible way to cheat online slots is to liaise with the software programmer who has access to the online slot game. Considering how trusted online slots operate, this is impossible too. Don’t forget that slots are programmed with Random Number Generators. Therefore, even online casinos cannot alter the results of the game.
Real Money Slot Best Casino to Play
Cash Spin PlayOJO
Double Play Superbet King Billy
Spin and Win Scatters
Gold Rush Galaxyno
Grand X Tusk
Lotto Madness Mansion
Desert Treasure
Book of Ra Hyper
Cave King Wazamba
Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe Yeti
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However, there are honest ways to cheat on a trusted online slot, you must give them a try. You will also learn how to keep winning at online slots here and how to cheat on slot machines using some tricks.

Also, we have a tricky way that must help you to discover how to cheat slots in old land-based casinos or bars. You need a magnet for it. Using a magnet, you may cheat at slots this way:

  1. Start spinning the reels;
  2. Take a strong magnet on the outside of the slot machine;
  3. Stop the reels using a magnet once you saw a winning combination;
  4. Take your money and enjoy!

P.S. Unfortunately, it will work only with metal slot machines, not with online slots.

3 Honest Ways to Manipulate an Online Slot Game

It seems like a cliché suggesting that they are honest ways to cheat while playing slots. You can’t get a dishonest way to cheat an online slot here. Therefore, the best you can get is the most honest cheating patterns to win at online slots. Besides, there is no best time to play and win at slot games. How to cheat online slots

Good Winning Odds

In online slots, what determines that a slot has good winning odds is the Return to Player (RTP). To win, the RTP must be considered before you start the registration process at an online slot. If the online slot doesn’t have a good RTP, then you are fighting a losing battle.

The RTP tells you the percentage a player will receive after playing for a while. The percentage of online slots ranges from 80 to 99 percent. On average, it is safer to opt for an online slot with at least an RTP of 95 percents. If you find one with a higher RTP, then go for it. To discover an online slot RTP percent, read reviews from trusted casino review websites.

Know-How to Play Your Favorite Slot

Jumping on a real money slot with any idea of how it works is an exercise in futility. You will lose all your money without a single benefit. To avoid this, give the free or demo version of the slot game a try. You will undoubtedly learn a few tips from practicing with the demo version of your favorite slot. Besides, playing with the free version doesn’t require betting with real money. Players are offered coins after registration at online free slots. More so, make sure your favorite real money slot has a free or demo version. That way, you can switch from demo to real money quickly.

Utilize Bonus Rounds

To win a jackpot, you need to utilize your bonus rounds. Bonus rounds at online slots offer a great opportunity to win jackpots. Most of the online slot players that have won jackpots online made optimal use of their bonus rounds. Also, with bonus rounds, the rules differ. Therefore, you may need to read the online slot bonus round rules to use them well.

13 Popular Online Slots with High Payout Percentage

For the best slots with the highest payout percentage, you can give these games a try. The least online game here has a payout percentage of 95 percent. I love gambling and have been playing slots for more than 7 years. And during this time, I haven’t found any legal way to cheat slots. But, just a quick tip that often helps me to win is an RTP check. I always check it before I start playing online slots. My favorite slot, Spin and Win, has an RTP of 97%. I won 50% of the times when I played it. – Luthando D.

Online Slots RTP Software Provider
Cash Spin 98% Bally
Double Play Superbet 97.8% NextGen
Spin and Win 97% Bally
Gold Rush 97% Pragmatic Play
Grandx 96.8% Amatic
Lotto Madness 96.6% Playtech
Desert Treasure 96.5% Playtech
Book of Ra 96.3% Novomatic
Cave King 96.1% High5
Wolf Run 96% IGT
Book of Ra Deluxe 96% Playtech
Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe 95.8% Novomatic
Wild Panda 95.5% Aristocrat

Apart from offering amazing graphics and gameplay, these slots are mostly 5 reel slots, and each has a good pay line. Furthermore, these online slots are developed by some of the best software providers. Meanwhile, these online slots have features such as wild, scatter bonus rounds, and free spins.

4 Slot Winning Tips That Work All the Time

Aside from making sure the slot RTP is high, you need some tips to keep winning. Yes, slots are a game of chance, but they are ways to win with ease. Tips to cheat online casino slot machines

Has Any Player Ever Succeeded Cheating at an Online Slot?

Recently, there is not a record of any punter successfully cheating in an online casino. As stated earlier, it is almost impossible to cheat an online casino. It requires a lot of computer programming knowledge to do that. Even at that, the RNG technology uses algorithms, so it makes it more difficult to cheat.

Furthermore, the only way to cheat an online slot is to use the methods outlined above. You would win by being honest without breaking the law too.

Can the Online Slot Cheat?

Now you must be wondering since you can’t cheat an online slot, can the online slot cheat? The online slot or casino website cannot cheat if the games are developed by trusted software providers. In other words, look out for games that are designed by reputable software developers.

Finally, opt for online slots with a high payout percentage and utilize the bonus rounds, then you may not need to search for cheating ways to win. Hopefully, you got some nice tips that will help you to hack slot machine online. Good luck with your winnings!

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