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Bingo is a viral game and a fond pastime in many countries. It is played by millions of people all over the globe. According to most sources, the game originated from a traditional Italian lottery game in the 1500s called “Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia.”

The game has gone through several different variations over the years before becoming the much-loved game we play today. It has spread to practically every corner of the world, and online Bingo is becoming one of the most top-rated online gambling games. Online Bingo South Africa has become a popular pastime amongst South Africans who have a deep love for all sorts of leisure games.

An incredible thing about playing Bingo games online is that it has so many different varieties and ways to play Bingo online for money. There are Bingo blitz games, new online Bingo slot games, online Bingo roulette, jackpot Bingo, and many more. No matter what sort of Bingo you’re into (Bingo Billions, Bingo Slot 3 Reels, etc.), just be sure that you can find it on your mobile and a ton of trusted websites where you can download free Bingo games, which promises excellent online Bingo deposit bonuses. You can also play online Bingo for money and with online Bingo win cash prizes.

The issue is that most South Africans are not sure where they can find safe, and top online Bingo sites where they can play Bingo online South Africa for real money. Before gambling with real money, you should check out their reviews on trusted gambling sites. It is essential to make sure the new online Bingo slots are reliable and trustworthy.

This review will show you how to find some of the best platforms where you can enjoy free online Bingo win real money no deposit game and play safe online Bingo real money. We’ll even give you tips, tricks, and strategies to win it big while you play Bingo online.

Best Bingo Sites in South Africa 2021

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The History of Online Bingo

Bingo online games became popular as many people searched for ways to play their favorite games online. The first game platform was launched in 1996 as the online Bingo free game “Bingo Zone.”

It was so well-known due to its incredible ability to sidestep many of the restrictions that were customarily placed on online gambling because it was registered as a “game of chance” and not a casino game. This allowed the Bingo online game to flourish unchecked.

After Bingo Zone, several other well-known online Bingo top sites followed closely like (the first game platform in the UK) and Bingo Blitz. As the popularity of online gambling grew, so did online Bingo, with several big land-based operators like Mecca and Gala entering the market.

How Did the Game Appear in South Africa

As online gambling became more common in South Africa with the introduction of online casinos and online sports betting, South Africans started to look for other online games they could play for real money. Many popular platforms keyed into this market and expanded their services to provide Bingo for money online casino in South Africa.

The Guide on How to Play Online Bingo South Africa

The game is quite similar to its live counterpart. The primary differences between it and live Bingo are the speed of play, wider variety, prizes, and several other things.

Despite all these differences, it is just as easy as live Bingo and is becoming even more popular. A quick search for “Bingo online South Africa” shows just how popular the game is becoming. More people are playing the game worldwide and especially in South Africa, due to its availability, lower cost, and fast-paced gameplay.

Part of the popularity is that it’s easy to learn. Although it has a much wider variety than live Bingo, the learning process is still quite manageable. Online Bingo games allow players to win large cash prizes using just their mobile devices.

Rules for Fair Online Bingo Game

  1. The rules are quite easy to learn.
  2. In a standard game of online Bingo, you can buy cards marked with different numbers and alphabet combinations.
  3. These cards appear as rows and columns, with the number of these varying depending on the game.
  4. The computer calls out randomly generated numbers and alphabet combinations marked by the players who have the corresponding combinations on their playing cards.
  5. To win, players have to create specific combinations, such as filling a row or filling all the squares (known as a full house).
  6. The winner is declared when a player creates the required pattern by successfully marking off all the appropriate numbers on their card.
  7. Credible Bingo sites use a random number generator to call out numbers.
  8. Players must wait for the computer to call their number to cross off any on their cards. If any player attempts to cross off a number that hasn’t been called, the system will reject it.
  9. Playing online Bingo is quicker and much safer when using a Random Number Generator because this ensures that games are truly random and cannot be fixed. This gives players the best and fairest possible playing experience.
  10. Online games are fair and credible as long as you are playing at a trustworthy and regulated online platform. The platform should be fully licensed by an independent regulatory body and provide players with the necessary information to independently verify this license.
  11. Beware of platforms that do not make this information available to users. The platform must use a Random Number Generator (RNG) to make the calls. This makes sure that the game is 100% fair and not rigged in any way.

Essential Terms and Concepts

There are specific terms and concepts that players need to understand before they dive into the world of Bingo online game.

A crucial component of smart betting is the optimal betting amount you should play per game. A good rule of thumb when drawing up a staking plan is to never spend more than 5% of your overall bankroll on a single bet. Some experts advise an optimal betting amount of 3% of your total bankroll.

The most substantial possible win amount differs from site to site and even among different promotions on the same website. However, players can potentially win up to millions of dollars. This still doesn’t mean you should place max bets on every game, as this is among the quickest ways to lose money.

Online Bingo Bonuses

A lot of internet platforms offer great bonuses to players in South Africa. These bonuses come in different forms like welcome, no deposit, referral bonuses, first-time online Bingo deposit bonus, and much more.

Bonuses may come as free spins on selected slots, bonus funds, multipliers, and much more. Some new online Bingo casinos like Cyber Bingo, Bingo Billy, Bingo Spirit, and BingoFest offer some of the best bonuses and promotions to South Africa players.

Getting these bonuses is easy and comes in various ways. You can simply receive these bonuses by:

These are great ways to play Bingo games online for real money.

Playing Free Bingo Online

For players who are skeptical about playing for money right away or who would rather like some time to practice on the platform, there are options for them to play Bingo free online.

Popular Bingo sites in South Africa offer free demos games to players. They come in all the available variants that you can play with real money. For example here are Bingo games you can play for free:

Playing free Bingo also has some benefits like:

Variety of Online Bingo Games in South Africa

Most online Bingo platforms in SA offer a wide variety of different Bingo games to satisfy all users. Here are some popular Bingo games online you can play for real money.

North American Favourite

This is a 75-ball game which consists of 75 calls and a game card with 5×5 playing lines. This makes it the closest to the standard Bingo game but still quite fast-paced.

UK Favorite

This 90-ball game consists of 9×3 playing lines, giving you 27 squares. In this game, you have three chances of winning with the 1 line, two lines, and three lines (also called a full house).

30-ball Bingo

30-ball Bingo is a fast-paced game that is over before you even know it. The card is a simple 3×3 structure with 9 squares, making it a swift and exciting game. To win, a player must fill their whole card before they can then call Bingo.

80-ball Bingo

80-ball Bingo uses a 4 x 4 structure with 16-squares and 80 calls. These squares can be lined up in multiple ways to create a winning pattern. It is a more modern form of the game but is just as exciting as the classic version.

Online Bingo: Winning Odds

Like all the games, the main aim of online Bingo is to win. So players are always looking for the newest strategies and tips on beating the system and winning consistently.

There are a few smart ways you can increase your odds of winning, but players have to keep in mind that it is a game of luck, and that chance is the primary determinant in the game.

However, you can use a few strategies to increase your chances of winning and make sure you still come out ahead.

Choosing the Right Cards

Winning at online Bingo is all about choosing the right cards. During the game, the more cards you buy, the more your chances of winning. Imagine yourself in a game with five other players, and all of you bought a single card. This means you have a 20% chance of winning. However, if you bought four cards while everyone else bought only one, you now have a 50% chance of winning.

Remember that you have to buy these cards with real cash, so don’t overspend. The trick is knowing how to strike a balance, and this is why risk-assessment is an essential part of online Bingo.

Some online Bingo platforms allow you to see the total number of cards in play at that particular time. This helps you calculate your chances of winning.

Another vital part of choosing the right cards is knowing how to increase your number of coverage. Don’t buy cards with similar numbers. Always buy cards with as many different calls as possible. This increases your chance of landing a winning line.

More Players, Bigger Jackpot

You have to know when to join the room. The more players in an online Bingo game, the higher the jackpot will be. As tempting as a high jackpot may seem, many players in a game mean a lot of Bingo cards. Therefore, this reduces your odds of winning.

But if you join a game with fewer players, you have a much higher chance of holding the winning cards, but the jackpot is most likely not going to be worth your time.

Let’s use a progressive Bingo game, for example. In a progressive online Bingo game, the jackpot increases as more players sign up. In some games, if the jackpot is not won on that day, it continues accumulating as new players join in until the game is finally won.

So if you look for a progressive game with fewer players, you’ll find that you are more likely to win (especially if you followed our advice on choosing the right cards), but the jackpot would hardly be worth it.

Conversely, a progressive game with a lot of players will give you a significant cash-out, but your chances of winning are somewhat slim, even with the right cards.

The answer to this is finding a perfectly balanced room. It needs to have enough players so that the jackpot will be lucrative enough to take the risk, but you still have to have a reasonable chance of winning. The best thing to do is join a progressive game when it’s half-full; this helps balance both sides of the equation correctly.

An old trick to this is timing. Since online Bingo games are busiest at night, try joining the game during the afternoon. The room will be much quieter but still packed enough to have a good jackpot.

Bingo Calls and Card Patterns

Winning at Bingo involves knowing the Bingo calls and card patterns. A 75-ball game has 75 calls (that is a randomly generated number and alphabet which corresponds to a square in the Bingo card), a 50-ball game has 50 calls, and so on. Master these figures and use them to predict your odds of winning as the game progresses.

Some games offer extra rewards or bonuses if a player manages to win using a complicated card pattern like the ‘Z’ shape. These patterns are harder to get than the standard horizontal, vertical, or diagonal patterns but also much more lucrative. Learn these patterns and which ones can be found in different games.

There are several theories about how to choose your cards based on mathematical theory, but none of these are truly effective. The best strategy you can use when buying Bingo cards is to buy cards with a broad spread of calls and buy cards with an even number of odd and even numbers. This increases your chance of getting a Bingo before the other players.

Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for Playing Online Bingo in South Africa

Of course, it’s a game of luck, but there are still a few ways smart players can increase their odds of winning. Here are a few tips, tricks, and winning strategies to turn you into a maestro.

5 Tips to Help You Win More Consistently

  1. Always read the Terms and Conditions

Like any online gambling site, the first thing you should do on an online Bingo platform is to make yourself conversant with how it works. Read their T&C’s, find out how their bonuses work, winnings and withdrawal limits and other things. This will help you avoid any unforeseen consequences later on.

  1. Start with Low-Value Games Before Going for the Bigger Jackpots

Everybody wants to start with the big money games like progressive jackpots, but playing those games frequently can be quite costly and challenging to win. Try starting with a lower value game. They are not only safer and cheaper, but they also allow you to formulate your winning strategy before moving to the big leagues.

  1. Don’t Miss out on Bonus Opportunities

Find out all the bonuses offered on the platform, especially the bonuses offered to new players like Welcome Bonuses and First Deposit Bonuses. These are quick ways to earn cash without having to use real money. As you rise in the ranks, look for bonuses that are offered to more experienced players.

  1. Monitor Your Bankroll Closely

One of the essential tips in an online Bingo is to monitor your bankroll down to the last penny. It doesn’t matter how you choose to do it; just make sure you have a clear idea of your finances. Know how much you made, lost, or received through bonuses. This will help you identify which games are profitable for you and which games aren’t.

  1. Always Perform a Risk Assessment Before Playing

Yes, online Bingo is a game of luck, but you can increase your odds. Before you commit money to any game, always do a little risk-reward assessment. Ask yourself how big the jackpot is? What are my chances of winning? Is the reward worth the risk? If you start asking these questions before any game, you’ll notice you’ll begin to win on a more consistent basis.

Tricks For Smart Players

Successful Game Strategies

Always keep a close eye on how much money is going in and out of your bankroll. This helps you know when to stop a losing streak and always tells you to quit while you’re ahead. Find the games that are most profitable to you and stick to those.

The initial thing you should watch out for when playing on a platform for the first time is whether it is 100% fair. The online Bingo site should be fully licensed by an independent regulatory body and provide you with the means to verify their license. They should also use Random Number Generators to generate their calls.

Most experts advise that you never play more than 5% of your bankroll on a single game. This prevents you from bankrupting yourself to quickly on a losing streak. Setting limits also apply to time management. Know when it’s best to start playing and how long you should play. Divide your playing time into sessions and never play longer than you plan.

This may seem like an unlikely strategy, but many successful online gamblers swear that your instincts are your best guide. Use your brains but also pay attention to your gut while playing. With experience, you’ll find the perfect balance between the two.

Know how to pick just the right amount of cards and the correct type of cards. Pick cards with a balanced spread of odd and even numbers, and cards that cover as many calls as possible. But more cards to increase your odds of winning while still allowing you to follow all the cards.

A great way to pick up online Bingo strategies and tips is by learning from other players. Most experienced players have useful advice that you can use to increase your winnings. Discuss with these players during chat games and get all the info you can from them.

Tracking your betting records is very important when playing any form of gambling, even Bingo. You can’t know if you’re making a profit unless you analyze all your bets and winnings. Several online resources can teach you simple tricks and techniques to help you track your bets even during long playing sessions. The essential information you should always keep in the back of your mind is the date of the bet, how much you bet, the odds, outcome, and how close you were.

The easiest path to losing money while playing online Bingo is by wildly diving into any high stakes game you see. Even if a game has a lucrative jackpot, take a second to analyze it first. Find out how many players are in the game, how many cards you’re willing to buy, and your chances of winning. If you pick your games just right, you stand a much higher chance of making a profit at the end of each session.

Many Bingo sites offer Buy One Get One Free game as a way to encourage players. Look for these and other bonuses; they are easy to make some free cash and key in bigger jackpots.

Online Bingo in South Africa – Glossary

Before you start playing Bingo online, there are specific terms that you should be familiar with. Here is a couple of them:

Admissions: This term is used to describe being accepted as a player in a game of online Bingo.

After Games: These are games played after the end of a regular ‘session’ of online Bingo.

Any Way: if a Bingo game is labeled ‘any way’, that means the winning pattern can be created in any direction.

Blackout: In a blackout Bingo game, the player needs to cover every spot on their Bingo card to be eligible for winning. It is also known as Coverall.

Buy-In: This refers to the act of purchasing cards to play the game.

Caller: A caller is a person in a Bingo game who calls out the numbers that have been drawn for the winning combination. In a platform, this is handled by a Random Number Generator.

Callers Choice: This is a Bingo game where the caller is allowed to decide the game’s pattern.

Cash Ball: A cash ball is a type of progressive jackpot that pays when Bingo is called.

CH: This is a common abbreviation that stands for ‘chat host.’ This is used on online Bingo games, which have chat rooms for players to socialize. A chat host usually moderates these rooms.

Chat Room: This is an online platform found in specific Bingo sites, to chat through text messages.

Coverall: This is also known as ‘Blackout’ or ‘Full house.’ It is a Bingo pattern that requires every number on your card to be called for you to win the game. It is often seen in a 30-ball Bingo game.

Fixed Jackpot: A jackpot set at a particular amount at the start of the game and does not change even as more players buy-in or if the game is not won.

Free Space: The middle square of a standard Bingo card that has no number on it. Every player starts with a free chip on the free space.

Four Corners: This is a Bingo game where to win, the player has to check off all four numbers on each corner of the Bingo card.

Full House: This is a Bingo card where all the squares have been filled, for example, in a Blackout or Coverall game.

Jackpot: This is the biggest prize that players can win in a Bingo game. It may be a fixed or progressive jackpot. A fixed jackpot doesn’t change with time, while a progressive jackpot becomes more significant as more players buy-in.

Minimum Buy-In: The lowest amount of money a player can use to buy a Bingo card.

Moneyball: A Bingo ball that may be drawn by the player before the start of the game. If there is a Bingo hit on that ball, then the player’s earnings are doubled.

Progressive Jackpot: This is a particular type of Bingo jackpot that gets higher with each player’s bet made on it. It also gets higher each time the game is played but not won by any player.

Special: This is a Bingo game that is played outside the regular session.

Wrap Up: This is the last game of a Bingo session.

Bingo Game FAQs

What Is Online Bingo and How Does Bingo Work?

Bingo is a popular game that is recognized all over the world. Some people wonder, why play online Bingo, and how exactly does this game work? With its variety and more fast-paced gameplay, it is fast becoming quite popular. It is played in similar fashion and way as the regular Bingo, using unique Bingo cards and call patterns. Dozens of safe free online Bingo sites like Bingo Billy, Bingo Fest, and Cyber Bingo can safely teach you how to play Bingo.

Is Online Bingo Safe to Play?

Online Bingo is safe if played on a reliable platform. Before you start playing on any platform, make sure their site is secured with Secure Socket Location technology and duly registered by an independent regulatory body. Also, make sure they use Random Number Generators as a way to make sure the game is 100% fair.

How Much Does Online Bingo Cost?

People usually ask, “how much does online Bingo cost?”. It depends widely on several factors such as the platform you’re playing on, how many bets or cards you bought, and the particular game you are playing. Most sites have free games or demo games that are completely free even for unregistered players.

Can You Win Money Playing Online Bingo on Your Mobile Device?

Of course, you can win real money playing online Bingo from your mobile device. Most sites support the online bingo for mobile phones, and all they require is an internet connection, a mobile browser, and a viable billing method that allows you to deposit and withdraw funds. With these key things, you’re all set to go and ready to make money from your mobile device.

Am I Required To Download the Online Bingo Application Software to Play?

Most online Bingo platforms can be played entirely from your browsers without downloading any additional software like an online Bingo mobile app. Simple log into the site. Some sites will allow you to start playing demo games immediately so you can learn how to play free Bingo online for money while others require that you register before getting access to the site.

What to Do to Play Online Bingo Now?

How to play Bingo online is easy and requires just a few quick steps:
  • Login on the online Bingo platform you wish to use and go through the registration process.
  • You can play some free games to become familiar with the platform or make your first deposit if you want to start playing for cash immediately.
  • Check the jackpot and price of tickets before you join a game.
  • Purchase the tickets and start playing for real money.

Is Max Betting on Online Bingo a Great Idea?

No, most of the game experts advise that you do not wager more than 5% of your bankroll on a single bet. Find a smart way to increase the spread of your funds and manage your bankroll wisely. Max betting might increase your chances of winning it big, but it’s a risky and expensive technique to employ regularly.

Online Bingo, How Does It Work?

Online Bingo is played similarly to regular Bingo. Players mark squares on a special Bingo card as the corresponding call combination is called out on a randomly generated call. The only difference is that this is played online, and a Random Number Generator makes the calls. The first player to create the required pattern wins the game. You can learn more about in-line Bingo here.

Where to Play Bingo Online Free?

There are a lot of sites where South Africans can play online free Bingo. A few platforms like Amigo Bingo, Bingo Billy, CyberBingo, and so on, are quite popular among South Africans and worldwide. There are also free Bingo games download platforms like Playstore and Applestore.

How Possible Is It To Make Money By Playing Bingo Online?

Yes, it is possible to win money online playing Bingo. Though Bingo is mostly a game of chance, there are still a few tips and strategies to follow to increase your chances of winning.


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