The horoscope is a thing that offers most gamblers an insight into when to bet and their lucky days. Gambling involves taking a risk, and a hint of when your perceived lucky gambling days will fall will be pleasing to know.

That’s where a gambling horoscope 2022 comes in. The gambling horoscope has been used for hundreds of years to look into the future to foretell what the bettors should expect and to find out their lucky time for gambling 2022.

Yearly astrologers and professionals put together a gambling horoscope to help players know when to bet. This gambling horoscope for 2022 will let you bet successfully at casinos, online slots for real money, and find out the lucky time for gambling in 2022.

Are Gambling Horoscope Predictions Always Correct?

To be honest, no. Although a gambling horoscope may seem like a puzzle, it sometimes works. Gambling horoscopes are possible predictions based on the various zodiac signs and the personality of a person born within a specific period. However, expecting an accurate result from a gambling horoscope is a little far-reaching.

Nevertheless, gambling horoscopes have been the basis of most players placing bets and winning big prizes. Notwithstanding the predictions of a gambling horoscope 2022, a critical look at a real money online casino review is important. Some online casinos are just scams; therefore, taking a look at reviews of their operations will be helpful.

Gambling Horoscope 2022

I never thought a gambling horoscope could be so useful. I won my first major winning after reading a gambling horoscope for Aries and discovering when it was suitable to play. I won R5300 with little stress throughout April. – Jabulani K.

Aries – Bountiful Yield

Gambling horoscope for AriesAs the first zodiac sign, Aries gamblers within this horoscope always want to be number one. In 2022, Aries will face some competition from other zodiac signs. So whatever game you choose to play, bring on your competitive nature, and you’re A-game.

How Lucky Will Aries Be in 2022?

Aries players will excel in 2022 if they play with a competitive spirit. The signs are in favor of Aries. If a game becomes less fun, keep a rein on your competitive impulse to overcome the losses.

Lucky Days Aries Gamblers Can Bet and Win

Aries have from March 21 to April 19 to enjoy a series of luck. Within this period, Aries can win amazing prizes.

  • Aries Luckiest Days in the Week: Aries winning chances fall within the days of the week are Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon.
  • The Lucky Month: Third week of March to the early part of April 2022.

Best Games for Aries

Aries are competitive naturally, therefore playing poker, blackjack, and other games that require skills to win will be best. Games of chance like slots may not be favorable to Aries.

Aries Lucky Number

Focus on odd numbers. Choosing even numbers will be a disaster.

Taurus – Patience Will Lead to Success

Gambling horoscope for TaurusTaurus is commonly stubborn and firm. Usually, stubborn gamblers enjoy taking risks and hope for a win. Motivated by their aspiration to will, Taurus will succeed in 2022 with a firm and resolute heart. Winning is closer than expected for Taurus.

How Lucky Will Taurus Be in 2022?

In 2022, Taurus punters have a chance to win more if they stay focused on the goal. A little stubbornness will be helpful, but not all the time.

Lucky Days Taurus Gamblers Can Bet and Win

From April 20 to May 20, Taurus will enjoy fun-filled gambling with so many winnings.

  • Taurus Luckiest Days in the Week: Bet on Monday and Wednesday.
  • The Luck Month: Taurus bettors have more winning prospects in April

Best Games for Taurus

Games of chance like slots will provide some winnings for Taurus. But preferably, play poker and blackjack to win.

Taurus Luck Numbers

From 1 to 20 will be a good number to choose from while playing roulette or lottery.

IMPORTANT! Set aside some money for entertainment. Don’t spend more than 10% of your entertainment money on gambling. Make sure you have paid your bills before you enroll in any gaming platform.

Playing online slots has never been my thing until I tried it out based on the predictions of a gambling horoscope. I’m a Gemini, and I decided to play the Sweet 16 slot game by RTG and won R1000 in May. – Luan A.

Gemini – Choose Wisely

Gambling horoscope for GeminiConsidering the ability of Gemini players to make the right choices, the same characteristic is needed to keep winning. Games that engage Gemini busy minds would be preferable.

How Lucky Will Gemini Be in 2022?

Gemini players have a chance to win great betting prizes in 2022. However, winning will depend on the Gemini player’s ability to make the right choices.

Lucky Days Gemini Gamblers Can Bet and Win

Gemini will enjoy winnings from May 21 to June 20 this year.

  • Gemini Luckiest Days in the Week: Weekends seem much more preferable to bet and win for Gemini. Moreover, Gemini gamblers will enjoy winnings from Friday to Sunday.
  • The Luck Month: Gemini’s luckiest month is the end of May.

Best Games for Gemini

Gemini gamblers should play more casino games that require skills than a game of chance to win constantly. Poker and blackjack are preferable.

Gemini Luck Number

2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, and 10 are the best numbers for Gemini.

Cancer – No Gambling Luck

Gambling horoscope for CancerNo doubt, Cancer gamblers are often spontaneous and very unpredictable. However, making the right betting decision in 2022 is crucial to your betting success.

How Lucky Will Cancer Be in 2022?

Afford to gamble too much this year if your zodiac sign is Cancer. This year, take a pause to reflect on your previous gambling strategies and look for better winning opportunities.

Lucky Days Cancer Gamblers Can Bet and Win

Cancer players can try their luck from June 21 to July 22 this year.

  • Cancer Luckiest Days in the Week: Monday and Thursday are suitable days to bet.
  • The Luck Month: Give the first week of July a try.

Best Games for Cancer

Since 2022 is not your year, play more slots and roulettes. You might just hit the jackpot.

Cancer Lucky Number

From numbers 0 to 10 will bring luck even if 2022 doesn’t seem favorable to Cancer gamblers.

ATTENTION! Before you start gambling at an online platform, make sure that they have multiple tools to checkmate your transaction and the time spent gambling. You may need to enable the monitoring tools before they function.

Leo – Success All the Way

Gambling horoscope for Leo

Leo gamblers are often fearless and very coherent. Also, Leo gamblers are strong-willed and determined to win. Let’s see what 2022 holds for Leo.

How Lucky Will Leo Be in 2022?

Amazingly, 2022 will be a good year for Leo punters. Surprisingly, Leo winning chances this year would be better than last year.

Lucky Days Leo Gamblers Can Bet and Win

The best time of the year for Leo punters is from July 23 to August 23.

  • Leo Luckiest Days in the Week: Almost every day offers a winning chance to Leo bettors. Nevertheless, Mondays and Thursdays present more luck.
  • The Luck Month: August will offer the best results.

Best Games for Leo

Whether you choose slots or other casino games, there is a chance you will win something. But stick to slot games for more winnings.

Leo Luck Numbers

Don’t pick double-digit odd numbers. Go for single-even numbers.

Gambling these days has become fun for me because I judiciously stick to a gambling horoscope I read recently. The predictions are correct sometimes. As a gambler with the Virgo sign, I enjoy more winning in September. – Annika Y.

Virgo – Strategize to Keep Winning

Gambling horoscope for VirgoPlayers born under the Virgo sign are usually pragmatic and fearless. The odds of players with other zodiac signs are always lower when a Virgo player is around.

How Lucky Will Virgo Be in 2022?

Virgo players have a good winning prospect in 2022. Look for a gambling strategy that works and stick to it. Meanwhile, stake small bets and gradually increase your stake.

Lucky Days Virgo Gamblers Can Bet and Win

Virgo players will find more luck from August 23 to September 22.

  • Virgo Luckiest Days in the Week: Wednesday through Friday presents more luck for Virgo players.
  • The Luck Month: August is the best month for Virgo players.

Best Games for Virgo

Virgo players never make decisions in a hurry. Games that would offer more chances of winning are blackjack or poker.

Virgo Luck Numbers

Choose numbers that are below 10. That is from 10 to 0 downward.

Libra – Bumper Harvest

Gambling horoscope for LibraLibra players are relentless and focus on winning any venture they embark on. Asserting the same energy to gambling often turns out well but not all the time.

How Lucky Will Libra Be in 2022?

Libra players should expect a bumper harvest in 2022. However, caution and playing safe is the only way to keep winning. Chasing losses will lead to your doom.

Lucky Days Libra Gamblers Can Bet and Win

Libra should look forward to playing and winning more from September 23 to October 22.

  • Libra Luckiest Days in the Week: Sundays to Tuesdays would offer more luck to Libra gamblers.
  • The Luck Month: October is suitable to bet if your zodiac sign is Libra.

Best Games for Libra

Slot games are the perfect options for Libra gamblers. Aside from the fun it provides, slot games will offer more winning chances. Playing lotteries is a good game that Libra can play.

Libra Lucky Number

The lucky numbers for Libra gamblers are double-digit even numbers like 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, etc.

Scorpio – More Wins but Focus on the Game

Gambling horoscope for ScorpioA Scorpio gambler is always adventurous, self-assured, and confident. Watching a Scorpio player gambler can boost your confidence, and it is infectious. Scorpio gamblers love taking risks despite the undermining consequences.

How Lucky Will Scorpio Be in 2022?

The odds seem like Scorpio players will have a hard time winning their games. Consistency will prove useful for Scorpio gamblers to win their games. In other words, for

Scorpio gamblers in 2022, they mustn’t give up quickly.

Lucky Days Scorpio Gamblers Can Bet and Win

From October 23 to November 21, Scorpio punters will have a field day winning their games.

  • Scorpio Luckiest Days in the Week: Tuesday to Thursday offer more luck
  • The Luck Month: October portends a great time to gamble.

Best Games for Scorpio

Scorpios can pick any game of their choice because their chance of winning is higher in 2022. Remember, your chance of winning is close to the end of the year, so you must take your chances.

Scorpio Luck Numbers

Number 2, 7, 9, 10, and 30 are the lucky digits for Scorpio gamblers. Don’t pick any even number that is double-digit.

A HINT! One of the best tips to spend less at an online casino is to use their no deposit bonus offer. With the no deposit bonus offer, players are not required to deposit any amount before playing.

Sagittarius – Pleasant and Rewarding

Gambling horoscope for SagittariusSagittarius always often looks at issues differently. Usually, Sagittarius wants to have fun and rarely regrets losing when they gamble. Sagittariuses enjoy a lucky star that helps them recover after a loss.

How Lucky Will Sagittarius Be in 2022?

Sagittarius gamblers will enjoy a pleasant year. In 2022, Sagittarius will get a lot of money from gambling. What’s more, since they are less about losing, their reward will be a lot of wins this year.

Lucky Days Sagittarius Gamblers Can Bet and Win

From November 22 to December 21, Sagittarius gamblers have more winning opportunities.

  • Sagittarius Luckiest Days in the Week: Every day will be a lucky day for Sagittarius, but Friday to Monday presents more winning opportunities.
  • The Luck Month: December.

Best Games for Sagittarius

Sagittarius can play any game in 2022 and win. However, slots, lottery, adventure-themed slots, and poker. The best approach for Sagittarius to sustain their winnings is to budget and opt out on time.

Sagittarius Lucky Number

The best lucky numbers for Sagittarius are from 0 to 20. But pick more odd numbers.

I’m a Capricorn, and here I found out that Monday is my lucky day! I started to try my luck at poker and doubled my bank. That was crazy! Monday is my favorite day now, ha! – Melokhule M.

Capricorn – Impressive Winning Streak

Gambling horoscope for Capricorn Capricorn has a lot of amazing qualities that set them apart. Apart from being disciplined and responsible, Capricorns are financially prudent. Also, they don’t chase big wins; hence they are satisfied with the opportunities that come their way.

How Lucky Will Capricorn Be in 2022?

Capricorns who have been financially prudent would need to apply the same qualities in their gaming adventure. Also, Capricorns need to choose their betting options carefully.

Lucky Days Capricorn Gamblers Can Bet and Win

Capricorns should play from December 22 to January 19 to have a bountiful harvest.

  • Capricorn Luckiest Days in the Week: Capricorn’s luckiest days are Mondays and Tuesdays.
  • The Luck Month: End of December to the first week of January.

Best Games for Capricorn

As said earlier, winning depends on the choices Capricorns make in 2022. The same thing applies to the games you choose. Capricorns should opt for games that allow you to showcase your skills.

Games like blackjack and poker are preferable for Capricorns.

Capricorn Luck Numbers

Odd numbers will provide more winnings. However, from 0 to 30 are the perfect numbers for Capricorn.

Aquarius – Regular Winning in Small Bits

Gambling horoscope for AquariusAquarius is often shy and quiet. However, Aquarius can be loud too when the situation demands. Usually, Aquarius can adapt to any situation without too much struggle.

How Lucky Will Aquarius Be in 2022?

In 2022, Aquarius will get small wins compared to other years. It is unlikely that Aquarius will hit the jackpot in 2022. Somehow, Aquarius will win in small proportions regularly.

Lucky Days Aquarius Gamblers Can Bet and Win

Aquarius lucky charm starts from January 20 to February 19.

  • Aquarius Luckiest Days in the Week: Wednesday and Friday.
  • The Luck Month: February.

Best Games for Aquarius

Aquarius should opt for card games such as blackjack and poker. Playing a game of chance will be your undoing. Also, sticking to your intuition will save you from losing so much. In other words, Aquarius has more chances of winning by playing games of skill.

Aquarius Lucky Number

Pick numbers that have 5’s. That is 5, 15, 25, 35, etc.

Pisces – Good Year All the Way

Gambling horoscope for PiscesPisces are profoundly gentle and wise. However, very few Pisces exhibit these qualities when it comes to gambling. But Pisces have a chance to win massively considering their unalloyed attributes.

How Lucky Will Pisces Be in 2022?

No doubt, 2022 will be good for Pisces gamblers. Although being gentle and wise doesn’t pay off in gambling, it would pay off if these qualities are utilized.

Lucky Days Pisces Gamblers Can Bet and Win

Pisces have the whole of February 19 to March 20 to give gambling a shot and win.

  • Pisces Luckiest Days in the Week: Thursday and Friday provide more luck, according to the Pisces star.
  • The Luck Month: March.

Best Games for Pisces

The best games for Pisces alleviate pressure and allow you to immerse yourself in it. Playing online slots is a better choice because it would ease the pressure, and the possibility of winning is high.

Pisces Lucky Numbers

Select numbers that have more of 0’s. Numbers like 0, 10, 20 offer more luck.

Do Gambling Horoscope Predictions Always Work?

Unfortunately, no, like regular horoscope predictions, a gambling horoscope not always works too. The come belief is that gaming under your luck of playing the game you predicted to succeed at will bring you winnings. Although these gambling horoscopes work sometimes, they cannot be relied on. Moreover, relying on a gambling horoscope solely to bet is the quickest way to lose all your money.

To succeed as gamblers, punters need to play online games they are good at and define a winning strategy. Nevertheless, any strategy that talks you into chasing losses is not a good one. To win games online, check out the demo or free version of the game to get a better idea of how to play and win. This strategy will help you hone your gambling skills.

Horoscope Impact in the Real World

Gambling is about trying your luck. The gambling horoscope only gives you an idea of what to expect likely. However, you need to refine your strategy for your chosen game.

Finally, despite the presumed certainty of a gambling horoscope providing a perfect prediction, responsible gambling is advised. Professional gamblers always advise that you don’t gamble without drafting a budget. Budgets help you remain disciplined. Besides, you can become bankrupt if you bet irresponsibly.

Gambling Horoscope for 2022 FAQs

What are gambling horoscopes and how do they work?

Gambling horoscopes are predictions regarding a gambler’s potential lucky day to play and win at online casinos or any other gambling platform. Like others, the gambling horoscope is based on interpretations of the orientation of the planets and is about predicting possible outcomes of your bets. For instance, a precise gambling horoscope informs players of the month and days of the week that will be favorable to them. Some even predict the numbers that will give you huge winnings at roulette.

Where to find my lucky gambling days?

You can find lucky days for each zodiac sign in this gambling horoscope. This gambling horoscope will predict the possible days that you have more chances of winning. The lucky gambling days are based on the zodiac sign you fall into. More so, the gambling horoscope for each year varies from the previous year. In other words, your lucky days in 2022 differ from 2021 lucky days. Read this gambling horoscope to find the lucky days for each zodiac sign.

What is the luckiest day to go to the casino?

The luckiest day to play in a casino is not static, but an apt gambling horoscope can show you depending on your zodiac sign. However, if you are looking for bonuses and promotions from online casinos, the best days are in the mid-week and weekends.

What are my lucky days to gamble?

The information about the best days to gamble for each gambler depends on their zodiac sign. To know the best days to gamble, go up on this page and see the navigation. Select your zodiac sign, and you will see the predictions and will find your lucky days.

How to get lucky in gambling?

Go with your gut and respect your superstition. To gamble and win requires being optimistic too. Aside from that, experts will suggest you take a look at a gambling horoscope for more insight into the future of your gambling expedition.

Which zodiac signs are always lucky in gambling?

The zodiac signs that are the luckiest in gambling are Virgo, Gemini, and Aries in 2022. These three zodiac signs enjoy a lot of luck while gambling. It may not be farfetched because of their optimism and determination to always win.
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