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A lot of South Africans love to relax after a hard day of work and place a few bets on slots and table games on online casino websites. The problem many of them encounter is that in some casino sites, you need to be rich to start gambling. The initial deposit is way too big and the minimal bets would melt your deposit in hours.

If that is something you dislike about online gambling, we have a solution for you. Here at CasinoHEX, we help you find the best minimum deposit casinos in South Africa. These casinos offer low stakes which means your small deposit can be stretched for a long time.

If you can’t wait to start gambling, check out the list of casinos presented on this page. These are the best minimum deposit casinos, handpicked by CasinoHEX experts. Pick one and start gambling right away or after you read a casino review.

If you want to learn more about how to save money while gambling and how to choose a good low stakes casino, keep on reading this article.

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How to maximize a small deposit

Many South African gamblers falsely believe that they can’t make a small deposit work for them. They think that you need to deposit thousands of Rands to be able to win something. However, it’s far from being true. You can make a small deposit work for you under certain circumstances.

If you want to learn more about how you can become a successful low-roller in R20 minimum deposit casinos, follow this short guide.

Choose the best bonus deal

Since you don’t have too much money to spare, picking a casino with the perfect bonus for you is crucial. It would allow you to increase the amount of money you have to start betting or give you a few free spins to try some of the best slots the casino has to offer.

How to choose a welcome bonus

However, choosing the perfect bonus for you is not as straightforward as it may seem on the first glance. You may be tempted to simply choose the first casino that has the biggest number in the bonus offer. While it is hard to refuse an offer when you see R30,000 as the bonus sum, such a big bonus may not always be what you need. Here’s why.

The bonus number that you see in the ad is just the maximum payout. It shows how much bonus money you can get under certain circumstances. It doesn’t show how the bonus is calculated. If you want to learn that, you’d need to dig deeper.

The number you’re looking for is the match-up percentage, not the maximum payout sum. This number shows how much money you’re actually going to get.

Most monetary bonuses are calculated with a match-up percentage. Put simply, this percentage shows what part of your deposit sum you will receive in bonuses. If the match-up percentage is 100%, the casino doubles your deposit.

So if you deposit R20 with a 100% match-up, you receive another R20 in bonus money. The reason you should be careful with big promises is that even though the highest payout may be R30,000, the match-up percentage may be 50% or even 25%. If you deposit R20 with a 25% match-up, you will only get R5 in bonus money, which is far lower than the R30,000 that is being advertised.

How to choose a no-deposit bonus

A bonus that is quite straightforward to obtain is the no-deposit bonus. It doesn’t depend on the amount of money you deposit and is a set amount for everyone. With a no-deposit bonus, you should go for the biggest one you could find.

The only problem is that most no-deposit bonuses don’t give that much in terms of the actual bonuses. The biggest one you could find would probably give you somewhere around 50 free spins on a couple of select slots. However, you don’t have to deposit a single Rand for this bonus to be awarded, so it’s not that much of a problem.

If you want to get a lot of free spins, you’d better look at the welcome bonuses. Often, you don’t only get a monetary bonus, but some free spins as well. The free spins aren’t tied to the amount of money you deposit, so you get the full number of promised spins. However, you need to make sure that the R100 minimum deposit casinos you play at qualify the lowest deposit for the free spins.

Daily bonuses

One of the best bonuses for low deposit casinos is the daily bonus. It’s not always clearly advertised in the casino itself, but experts here at CasinoHEX research casino promotions thoroughly and present you with the full scope of information.

What daily bonuses give you is small boosts to the deposits you make every day. Most people who are low-rollers tend to spend a bit of money on gambling each day, making new deposits. Since most welcome bonuses end on third or fourth deposit, you may not have access to good bonuses after a couple of weeks.

If a casino has daily bonuses, you will be getting some bonus for making a deposit most days of the week. For instance, you may get free spins on Monday and a 70% bonus on the weekend.

This depends on the low-deposit casino itself. Look up individual casino reviews on CasinoHEX to find what casinos offer which bonuses.

T&C and withdrawal requirements

While going for the biggest possible bonus for you is a great idea, there’s another side of the bonus system you should consider. It’s the withdrawal or playthrough requirements.

The bonus money that you get is not technically free. You need to wager a certain amount of money before you’re eligible for a withdrawal. In most places, you’d have to wager between 35 and 50 times your bonus amount.

So if you receive R20 in a regular casino, you’d have to bet between R700 and R1000 before you can make a withdrawal. This difference may be crucial, so you need to check the withdrawal requirements before you make a deposit.

Also, there are casinos with very low wagering requirements like 10x the bonus sum, but often they don’t offer very big bonuses. It’s a compromise you’ll have to make.

Apart from the withdrawal requirements, there are other casino rules you’ll have to check out. For instance, some casinos only allow certain slots to be used with the bonus money. Others only allow using the bonus funds after the real money is gone.

Read CasinoHEX reviews to make sure you know every relevant bit of information about the casino. This makes sure you get the best deal every time.

Choose the right payment method

When you’re working with small sums, every Rand matters. This is why choosing the right payment for you is just as important as choosing the right casino. For instance, if you will be using wire transfer, you will have to pay large transaction fees regardless of the amount of money you’re wiring.

You need to find a casino that has your preferred payment options and make sure that these payment options do not have high commissions. Sometimes, there are hidden commissions like in the case of the conversion fees. If you’re playing at a casino that does not accept ZAR, you will have to convert your money into USD or EUR, losing up to 3% of the sum during the process.

If you’re not sure what payment method is right for you, you can learn all about that in the next section.

Choose the right game

Choosing the right game is just as important as choosing the right casino. Some casinos only allow you to bet on low-stakes slots, but the table games retain rather expensive to bet on. Other casinos don’t report on how low you can bet on all slots so you’ll have to look for low-stakes slots on your own.

While you’re doing that, make sure that the slots you’re looking for are marked as low volatility. This means that the slot has a high probability of winning at the expense of smaller win sums. They’re not better than high volatility slots, strictly speaking, but high volatility ones require you to sit through a lot of losing spins before you win everything back. With little money to spare, you can find yourself out of funds before that winning streak.

The best game so far for low-rollers is the progressive slot. It doesn’t matter how much you bet on the game, you have the same chances to win a huge jackpot as anybody else. This gives you a chance to get rich quick without having to spend a lot.

List of best R25 minimum deposit casinos

All that information is great if you want to make your own research. What if you only want to get a fast recommendation and start gambling? Here are the top 5 South African minimum deposit casinos as rated by CasinoHEX experts.

Yebo Casino

Yebo casino is an online casino website native to South Africa. It takes bets in ZAR, which means you don’t have to pay conversion fees. The minimum deposit here is R25, which is as low as it gets in most places.

The first welcome bonus at Yebo casino is 150%, the next two are 70% and 50%. That’s not the perfect fit, but the first bonus is a good one. If you come over from CasinoHEX, you can also use promotion code HEX100 to get an additional R100 upon registration. You will get 50 free spins on top of that to spend on Caesar’s Empire slot.

The best part for low-rollers is the fact that you get a 13% cashback on all the losses daily.

Punt Casino

Punt is very similar to Yebo in most of its offerings, but it has a few key differences. First off, the bonus structure is 150% for the first deposit, 70% for the second, and 125% for the third one. Together, this is quite an appealing offer.

The minimum deposit is R25 as well, and you can add R100 to that sum for free by using the promotional code PUNT100. You can get the funds without even making a deposit.

If you play daily, you will be constantly showered by the free goodies this casino has in stock for you. You may receive free spins, small amounts of bonus money, or bonus games on certain slots. Check your email once you register to receive daily bonuses.

ZAR Casino

The name of this casino suggests it’s created especially for South African gamblers. It’s not a huge casino, but it has all the low-roller needs. First off, the welcome bonus is higher than most similar casinos, it’s a whopping 200% which effectively triples your deposit.

On top of that, you can receive R250 and 100 free spins completely for free when you register. If that’s not a generous enough offer, ZAR casino has something for you. You can get even more bonuses each day. Almost daily, you can receive small bonuses for deposits that range from 70% payouts to free spins, sometimes awarded multiple times per day.

Springbok Casino

Springbok casino took a South African animal as their symbol to attract more South African gamblers to the mix. The minimum deposit here is only R25 and you can add R300 on top of that if you use the promo code TEST-SPRINGBOK. You can do that even without making a deposit. Test the casino with no strings attached.

If you do make a deposit, you will enjoy some of the best match-up percentages on this list. The first two are rather common, you get a 100% payout for the first deposit and 50% for the second one. The third one, however, is 300%.

Other bonuses include comp points, 25% cashback, and regular competitive events.

Europa Casino

Europa Casino has some tricks up its sleeve as well. Its welcome offer is by far the most interesting among all. It only gives 100% payouts, but you’re eligible for this bonus for a period of 48 weeks. Every deposit you make during the first 48 weeks at a casino, Europa Casino will double.

On top of that, this casino has a huge collection of progressive slots that make payouts up to one million Rands. This is something every South African gambler can stand behind.

Most popular deposit options for small deposits

As you already know from the previous section, choosing the right deposit method is paramount for your long-term success. If you choose a deposit or withdrawal method with a commission that is too high, you may end up losing a significant portion of your winnings. If a casino you choose doesn’t have your preferred payment method, you’d have to top up via a proxy payment system, costing you additional fees.

Here are the most popular payment methods for South African casinos.

Credit/Debit Card

The absolute majority of South African low minimum deposit casinos accept both Visa and Mastercard cards for deposits. Some only allow withdrawals in one payment system, but that’s very rare. What’s rare as well is accepting American Express, Maestro, or Visa Electron. You’d have to specifically look up these on CasinoHEX to make sure you can make a payment with them.

The major benefit of these systems is that every casino accepts them, most South Africans have them, and there’s little to no fees depending on your bank that issues the card. The drawback is that your gambling transactions will be displayed in your banking history, and if you don’t want that to happen, you’d have to look for alternatives.

Bank Wire

Bank wire is accepted universally in casinos, and many casinos limit their withdrawal options to bank wire. However, this is far from the best method for either deposits or withdrawals due to the fact it has a really high fee.

You may pay up to R75 for transactions, and that is three times the minimum deposit in most casinos. If you want to use a bank account for these transactions, here’s an alternative.


EasyEFT is a uniquely South African payment system that only works with banks from this country. What you need to do to use it is connect your bank account and conduct digital wire transfers without having to connect to the bank clerks or pay huge fees.

The drawback is that only a sliver of online casinos accept it. If you want to use this payment method, there’s no better place to do that than CasinoHEX. We have a full list of all casinos that accept EasyEFT payments and you can find the best one for you.


Skrill is one of the best options when it comes to topping up casino site accounts. It is an e-wallet that you can top up with a Visa or Mastercard to use for internet payments. Many South African casinos accept this payment method and you don’t pay high fees for using it. It costs 2.5% to top up the account and 7.5% to withdraw to a Visa card. Wire transfer costs R80.

Since the system has ZAR on the platform, you will not have to an additional fee to convert the currency.


Neteller is a direct competitor of Skrill and is just as widely used in South African casinos. The top-up fee is the same for most methods, 2.5% of the transaction amount. However, you can only withdraw to your bank account with a set fee of R165. On the plus side, it too has the ability to get ZAR accounts, so you don’t pay conversion fees.

If the service can mail you a prepaid card of their own, you may not even have to withdraw the money. Just use the debit card from Neteller for purchases.


Bitcoin is the ultimate tool for discreet online gambling. If handled properly, it leaves no trace and is completely anonymous. A couple of South African casinos start accepting BTC for gambling transactions. All of them are gathered here on the CasinoHEX list of Bitcoin casinos.

The drawback of using BTC is that while it is discreet it may require a small fee paid to operators conducting the transaction, as well as a conversion fee in the place where you’re purchasing this currency.

This makes it a tough sell for low-rollers.

Best Casino Games For Minimum Bets

It’s a common misconception that most casino games are expensive and therefore should be reserved to the elite. Today, the absolute majority of South Africans can afford to play an online casino game and win.

Here are the best games for low-rollers.

Low Stakes Roulette

Roulette used to be a game played by the wealthiest people in a casino. Today, everyone can afford to play roulette online. In most casinos, however, the smallest bet on roulette would be around R80, far above the minimum deposit. If you look up our guide to low stakes roulette, you will find that some casinos offer table games where the minimum bet is R2 per spin. It’s as low as it gets and you can still win huge sums while playing this game.

Budget Blackjack

Blackjack is another game that is often associated with high-rollers. However, it is also among the games that you can afford to play even if you’re not a wealthy man. If you are able (with the help of CasinoHEX) to locate a casino that has budget blackjack, you can enjoy this classic game with the low stakes of R2.


Some of the best games to play as a low-roller are slots. These games often offer very low stakes of R1 or even smaller in some instances. For that low price, you get a lot of opportunities to win.

Bet on multiple paylines to increase your chances of winning and make sure to pick the slots with hundreds of ways to win. In a 243-line slot, you don’t have to place 243 bets. It’s enough to cover 20 paylines, and the rest of the chances to win you get for free.

Also, to maximize your chances of winning, you need to choose a penny slot that has low volatility. Low volatility slots offer small but consistent payouts. This means you never have huge losing streaks that put you out of the game for a while.

High volatility slots, on the other hand, offer big wins that come at the expense of losing streaks. As a low-roller, you may be looking for a slot that won’t melt through your account funds too fast so it’s not the best choice.

Additionally, you may want to look up slots that have plenty of bonuses. You don’t need to bet during bonus games, but you have the chance to get a huge payout. It all depends on your luck, not your wallet.

Speaking of getting huge payouts, every low-roller needs to give progressive slots a try. These slots have an accumulative jackpot that every bet on the slot contributes to. Not just your bets, mind you, but bets made on this slot from every player on the platform. Often, this amounts to a huge jackpot that you have a chance of receiving.

Minimum Deposit Casinos South Africa FAQ

What is the smallest minimum deposit at a casino?

All low-rollers want to save money. However, saving money past a certain point is counterproductive, to say the least. This is why most low minimum deposit casinos have a standard for deposits. Generally, the lowest deposit South African casinos accept is R25.

Is there a casino with no minimum deposit?

There are plenty of casinos with no maximum deposit limits, but no casino lacks the minimum deposit. For starters, most casinos are limited by the payment systems that will not transfer sums of money that are too small. Then again, do you really need to make a deposit of under R25?

What slots can I play with an R25 deposit?

While you technically can play any slot with that deposit, it won’t last a lot of time. You need to look for penny slots to maximize your fun. Penny slots allow you to bet one penny at a time, making R25 last a very long time.

Sure, you may not get huge wins from these slots, but you will stretch your minimum deposit for several hours of non-stop gameplay, and that’s fun.

Is it possible to get a bonus for a minimum deposit?

Generally, you can receive a bonus for any amount of money you deposit. However, not all casinos have that rule. You need to check to see if your preferred casino qualifies minimum deposits for welcome bonuses.

In any case, you can at least receive a no-deposit bonus. In the casinos from our list, it can range from a hundred free spins to several hundred Rands.

Is it possible to win money with an R25 deposit?

Sure, it may feel like it’s impossible to win a lot of money while playing penny slots. It may be true to an extent, but not necessarily so. You can win huge sums of money by hitting certain bonuses during the game.

The biggest thing that attracts low-rollers so far is the jackpots. It’s possible to receive a jackpot, no matter how much you bet per spin.


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