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According to the Research and Markets report, South Africa’s gambling landscape continues to expand. Stats show that the online casino is not the only one at the top of the popularity chart. Lotto also enjoys the largest gaming market share. While South Africans have access to multiple gaming platforms, lotto is arguably the most popular game among players. In particular, online lotto is a simple game that provides gamblers with the best gaming experience. It has been credited as an invaluable asset of South Africa, creating millionaires in its wake.

The report further shows that the National Lottery boasts of the highest number of players. Apart from providing gamblers with exciting gaming experience, it is also a safe way to play lotto online South Africa. In every sense, the expanding gambling industry in SA is creating an enabling environment for companies looking to establish their brands.

Several websites bring lotto South Africa online to your fingertips. You could say gaming sites make it possible to wager real money when playing online lotto in South Africa.

However, before you consider joining any gaming site, especially lotto platforms taking everyone by storm, you should get acquainted with the right information. This article reviews the most trusted game in South Africa. Read on to find out more.

Top Online Casinos in South Africa to Play Lotto Online

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  2. 24Lottos Casino

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  3. Casinonic


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  4. The Lotter Casino

    The Lotter Casino

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  5. Lotto Smile Casino

    Lotto Smile Casino

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A Brief History of Online Lotto Game

Lotto is easily the biggest jackpot game globally. But a question most people would be asking at this point is how it came about and how to register for lotto online? Even more importantly, how lotto online has increasingly become acceptable without much restrictions in more than 80 countries puzzles many people.

Before exploring how to play lotto South Africa online, let’s start by defining lotto so that you will no longer mistake it for the lottery game. Principally, it is a game of numbers. At its onset, players had to choose from 90 numbers. However, that has considerably reduced by almost half. Most lotto games today feature 49 numbers. You get to win the jackpot by crossing at most six numbers in most cases. If you aren’t too sure about your conviction when it comes to picking numbers randomly, the system does it for you.

Now, on the history of the world’s most popular game of luck, we dig out the facts from way back in 200 BC in China. A game known as pik Phu thet, loosely translated as Signs of the White Pigeon, was played in China. A section of a famous picture book with 4 quadrants and 80 characters formed the basis of playing the game.  Players would then randomly pick characters, from which 20 winning numbers would be determined.  If you compare how the game was played and today’s online lotto, you realize there is a striking semblance in principle.

About 200 years later, the city government of Genoa in Italy selected its two clerks every two years based on a bet. People picked only two winners from 120 candidates. Salvatore, who designed the game, later replaced the names with 120 lotto numbers. While the game is today known as the Genoese Lottery, an agreement in principle about the concept remains intact.

Despite facing several hurdles a few years later in Italy, the government would reintroduce a redesigned game format. In a big way, lotto was used to raise money or pay tax in Italian cities such as Venice. Lotto remains an integral part of Italian gaming history nowadays, with draws held in at least 15 cities. Many years later, countries such as Sweden, Austria, and Germany copied the Italian version of lotto. Moreover, while different books on the history of playing lotto online give a few variations, the notable point is that it survived opposition through to the 20th Century.

In a nutshell, the history of lotto has seen several changes made to the game. From the addition of balls, supplementary games to winners who have walked away with huge sums of money, today, we have the National Lottery that was first played in November 1994. Even more recently, changes to prize have made it even more attractive.

Online Lotto in South Africa-Origin, Popularity and Stats

While the lotto play online jackpot presents players with an infinitely small chance of winning, South Africa is a popular lotto gaming destination in Africa. Thousands of people play SA lotto online, something that begs many questions. For example, where did it all start? How popular is the game in South Africa? What do stats reveal about those who play South African lotto online in the wake of mega millions that players can win?

Exploring South Africa’s lotto story will be incomplete if you focus more on the mega millions in jackpot prizes than the game itself. Even more importantly, mistaking Lotto for the National Lottery will get you deep into the trenches-far from the truth. To wade off the rumors, note that the South Africa National lottery game known as Lotto was first commissioned on 2nd March 2000. At the time, Thabo Mbeki, who was the SA president, was the chief guest at the launching of online lotto games South Africa which took place in Langa. The first lotto draw took place on 11th March 2000.

Operation of the National Lottery game in South Africa has exchanged hands at least three times after lawsuits. From Uthingo that operated the game from its launch to 2007, Gidani was awarded a license to operate it between 2007 and 2015 to Ithuba that took over from 2015 till now, and online Lotto South Africa has been riddled with twists and turns.

When it comes to the popularity of lotto games in South Africa, a significant emphasis is the statistics. Seven out of ten people play lotto in South African according to the latest stats. For most players, it is a crucial source of income. A declaration in 2005 by the Cape Town branch of the National Lotteries board noted that Lotto had made at least 470 millionaires in SA since its introduction.

Moreover, Lotto SA has been labeled the most valuable asset in the country.

Globally, the Uthingo Lottery game is among the most popular. In 2014, it was ranked 8th out of 10 among the biggest lotto games worldwide. You should also note that since its launch, SA lotto online has created millionaires. The first biggest lotto win of R13, 831, 550 was recorded after three rollovers. Another big win of R30, 352, 416 followed, a feat that was achieved by a player in Gauteng.

What Was the Biggest Lotto Jackpot in History?

The last decade has seen some of the biggest lotteries win, awarded to individuals around the world. For some who play lotto online South Africa, you should already know that the most significant win was recorded on 2nd February 2019 when a player’s ticket matched all the numbers and walked away with a whopping R232 million PowerBall Jackpot. When claiming the prize a week later, the winner requested for anonymity. It later emerged that the winner was in his 50s, and hailed from Cape Town. Moreover, despite winning the big prize, he had no intention of resigning from his job. The winner spent only spent R22.50 on a ticket bought at OK Mini Mart Tygerdal.

Another big win was R153 million on Powerball Plus by a player in Kwazulu-Natal. The winning ticket was announced on 10th July 2020. It was reported that the man placed his bet via the Standard Bank App. Like the winner of the R232 Million, he had no plans of quitting his job. That is not to mention that he also sought anonymity.

There have been several other big lotteries wins in SA. In 2018, a young man from Secunda bought a ticket of R20 and won R145 Million. On 28th April 2020, a player from Kwazulu-Natal also wagered R100 and won a lotto jackpot of R135 million. Notably, the win came as the biggest ever online lotto win in the history of South Africa. There are other big lotto jackpot wins that have been recorded in South Africa since the National Lottery game was first launched in 2015. You can read more about online lotto betting in South Africa, especially the biggest wins ever recorded to keep abreast of everything that has been happening. Even more importantly, learning about available lotto games in the country will give you a headstart on how online lotto SA continues to evolve.

Playing Online Lotto in South Africa: A Complete Guide

Lotto play online is increasingly becoming accessible to players in different parts of the country. The daily lotto online presents players with a chance to win big prizes at high odds. More importantly, players in other parts of the world can play the jackpot prize provided they sign up with a platform that gives them access to various lotto games in South Africa.

To further help you understand how it works, especially if you want to play it for the first time, we break everything down.

Rules to Fair Play Online Lotto

When it comes to SA lotto online play, players should first understand the rules and regulations to fair play. The rules that are provided by the National Lottery Commission and are intended to regulate the gaming industry. The following are the rules that govern the lotto fair game:

  1. You should always enter a selection of six numbers when choosing between 1 and 52.
  2. Draws for every lotto game takes place every Wednesday and Saturday.
  3. A winning combination must match at least three or more numbers on the draw.
  4. Ithuba is the official operator of lotto games in games in South Africa, and as such, determines who is eligible to participate, including payments of winnings.
  5. The cost of any lotto board is R5, and it includes VAT. For Lotto Plus 1, Lotto Plus 2, and PowerBall, players must purchase an additional ball at R2.50, VAT inclusive.
  6. Ithuba must validate tickets of winning numbers.
  7. To participate in SA lotto, you must be at least 18 years old.

Essential Terms and Concept

When playing online lotto in South Africa, players should pay close attention to important terms and the concept of playing. Moreover, you should determine the maximum possible win and the minimum betting amount. While the biggest win depends on the number of entries, the optimal bet amount is R5. You may pay an additional R2.50 if you are playing Lotto plus 1, lotto plus 2, or PowerBall Plus.

Steps to Play Online Lotto Game

If you want to play an online lotto game, sign up or login into your account. The next step is choosing six numbers from 1 to 52. You should always choose a game to play when picking the numbers. Next, pick your draws. Pay for the lotto ticket entry then check your email inbox for confirmation details. Some platforms offer new players welcome bonuses using a sign-up bonus code, so always pay attention to the news.

Playing Free Lotto Online

Before becoming a lotto pro player, a little practice will go a long way in honing your skills. Thus, a question many ask is where to play for free? Well, South Africans can play free lotto online on websites such as CasinoHEX Lotto Madness and CasinoHEX Lotto Mania. Unless you have a bonus to play with, there is no real-money wagering for free accounts.

The Most Popular World Lotto Games in SA

While South Africans love playing national lotto games, you should note that world lotto online play games are also popular. So just to get you started, the following is a quick preview of each of the games:

Lotto Plus 1 is a famous play lotto online ZA. While it replicates the feature of the lotto game, players have a chance to play again and win with supplementary lotto numbers. There is a seventh ball from a pool of 52 that you add to the six main numbers. If you choose six numbers from the lotto draw, they are automatically entered into the Lotto Plus 1 draw.

You enter the draw by marking a box on the lotto plus 1 play slip. However, players must pay an additional R2.50 to enter the draw. If you match 6 numbers, you win the jackpot. However, note that the entry for matching two numbers plus the bonus seventh ball is R15, but it increases as you match more numbers.

Lotto Plus 2

Lotto Plus 2 also makes it to the list of popular online lotto games you can play in South Africa. Lotto players have the option of buying tickets from local vendors or playing the game online. The minimum entry for Lotto Plus 2 is R50. If you want to play online, select lotto from the games and choose 6 numbers between 1 and 52 from a board that you want to play. If you’re going to play, pick random numbers, use the quick pick tool. Next, choose lotto plus 2, pick the draws you want to play, and pay for the entries.

Daily Lotto

The Daily online SA lotto is a game where players are required to pick 5 numbers from a grid that contains 1 to 36. You can either choose the numbers manually or use a quick pick tool. Each board on this game is worth R3, but players can play as many boards as possible. However, when playing Daily Lotto, your stake cannot be more than R150. Draws for the Daily Lotto game occurs throughout the year, except on Christmas night.

Daily Lotto prizes are determined based on how many winning numbers a player has correctly matched. Matching all the numbers qualifies you for division 1 prize, which is the highest. No wins mean the jackpot is rolled over to the next lotto draw. Playing daily lotto online is becoming the most convenient option for most South African gamblers.


Whether you want to bet lotto online or buy a ticket from a vendor, PowerBall is another popular lotto game in South Africa. To play, pick 5 main numbers from 1 to 50. Also, pick an extra PowerBall from numbers 1 to 20. South African players should note that PowerBall draws are held at 21:00 SAST every Tuesday and Saturdays.

The price for every PowerBall line is R5.

If you do not want to play lotto online ZA, players can purchase tickets from licensed vendors from retailers at retail points across South Africa. Take note that you can play as many boards as you like on the slip. To add PowerBall Plus, you must pay an additional R 2.50 per line. Keep your ticket safe till the PowerBall draw is done and then check to see if you have the winning combination.

PowerBall Plus

Powerball Plus is a popular lotto game among South Africans. Also known as a supplementary PowerBall game, players wishing to play it can add a fee of R 2.50 to their tickets. A separate draw is always held if you play this game with 5 random numbers,  including one PowerBall selection from 1 to 20 numbers. You can play South Africa Lotto online by entering the draw. The other alternative is purchasing PowerBall Plus tickets from certified retailers countrywide.  You should also ensure the ticket is authentic before entering the draw.

Sportstake 13

Sportstake 13 is a lotto SA online in which players are required to predict outcomes of predefined South African and global football fixtures. The minimum stake for this game is R2, and players can win up to R 2,000 in the maximum payout. If you are not good at picking winning combinations manually, Sportstake 13 has a pro pick function that helps you choose the 13 outcomes seamlessly and fast.

Players who would like to participate should buy tickets from lottery retailers from Mondays to Friday. There is an option of buying Sportstake lotto tickets online. You should note that 50% of ticket sales make up the prize of the lotto and that if there are no outright winners in four divisions, the jackpot gets rolled over.


EAZiWIN is a lotto game that presents South Africans playing it with a chance of winning instant prizes playing their favorite games. With this game, players do not wait for a draw to find out if they have won. Choose a game to play then check if your ticket matches the winning numbers on the board. Players can either get their tickets from any lottery ticket retailer or play EAZiWIN through lotto online registration. If you already have an account, you only need to log in, choose EAZiWIN from the available options, choose a game, decide on an entry prize that fits you, and then play.

Pick 3

Pick 3 is also worth mentioning as one of the popular online lotto games in South Africa. There are two main options of playing, namely online or buying a pick 3 lotto ticket from a retailer. Players decide on the number of draws that they want to play and the stake amount.  Randomly pick three numbers or use a quick pick tool to do it. The draw for pick 3 lotto is usually held at 20.00 SAST. A player who would wish to participate can buy a ticket as late as 30 minutes before the draw to play. While you can only play one bet per Pick 3 combination, there are up to six ways of going about it.

South African Online Lotto: Top Services for Players

When it comes to playing South Africa’s lotto games online, the first question that always comes to mind is which services are available for gamblers who wish to enter the draw? Well, we did some homework to bring you some of the best lottos South Africa online services. Take note that with top lotto player services, you can play from anywhere in South Africa through top services, local ticket retailers, online gaming platforms, and supported banks. There are many other popular services through which you can enter a draw or from which you can purchase a ticket to play lotto online SA.

International Lotteries in South Africa: Which Options Are Available to Play?

The South Africa gambling industry has expanded to include international lotteries. The catch with international lottery games is they add thrill to an already existing local lotto gaming experience. There is an impressive variety of international lotteries in SA, such as EuroMillions, US PowerBall, Australian PowerBall, Canada Lotto 649, UK National Lottery, Australian Oz Lotto, French Lotto, SuperEnalotto, and Mega Millions. To discover why international lotteries are available in South Africa, a post on Gift Supplies for Card Players puts everything into perspective.

Guide to Calculate Online Lotto Winning Odds

Playing the lotto online is one thing, but calculating winning odds is another thing altogether. In most cases, getting it right with lotto online bet odds is all about luck. However, the following recommendations should help you get started:

  1. Start by understanding the type of calculations involved in lottery odds. The most popular and tested way of going about it is dividing the number of winning lottery numbers by the total possible lottery numbers. You should, therefore, use the formula n! /r! (n-r)! N in the formula denotes the total number of possible lottery numbers while R denotes the numbers you pick.
  2. You should always have a strong grasp of lotto rules before calculating the odds of a possible win.  The next step is determining winning numbers and total possible numbers. Say, winning numbers are 69, and total possible numbers are 5.
  3. Using a probability equation, it goes that choosing 5 random lotto numbers is always the case means you have a chance of choosing from a total of 69 numbers. Now apply the power ball rule by dividing 69 by 5(69-5)
  4. You can also use a lottery calculator to determine your chance of winning. Several websites provide gamblers access to the best calculators for lotto online South Africa.

Tricks to Help You Play Online Lotto in South Africa

If you want to try lotto online betting South Africa, there are a few tricks that should help you play like a pro. They include:

  1. You should always study the statistics of lotto play online South Africa to put yourself in an excellent winning stance. While it is entirely a game of chance, numbers that are often drawn should give you a clue about the right combinations.
  2. Factor in the low and high numbers. When picking lotto numbers, choose your combinations from both the low and high numbers to increase your chances of winning.
  3. You should also pick both even and odd numbers. It is a playing strategy you should apply at all times, whether you are playing free online lotto win real money or when buying a ticket from a retailer in your local area. A closer look at South Africa’s lotto winning stats reveals that instances where all odds or all evens have been drawn, are rare, accounting for only less than 3% of the game’s history. It means combining odds and evens edges you closer to the probability of winning lotto online SA.
  4. Always take note of losing numbers in previous draws. We emphasize picking a number that has not been drawn for a long time to increase your chance of winning.
  5. Steer clear of choosing previous winning combinations. It would amount to throwing your money down the drain. Simply put, everyone has their own story of getting lucky playing lotto.
  6. Always balance your totals to increase your chances of winning. According to South Africa lotto winning stats, the sum of most winning numbers in the game’s history usually ranges between 122 and 196. If summation falls anywhere between the two, you may be the next lotto millionaire in South Africa.

Online Lotto Strategies You Should Know

Most lotto players in South Africa now do it online. But a question whose answer everyone would wish to know is which online lotto gaming strategies work?  If you want to play free lotto online, in which case, you online need data bundles, and the following strategies will increase your chances of winning:

What Happens When You Win the Lotto in South Africa?

Lotto online betting in South Africa has changed lives. From the youngest millionaires to working-class couples, there is every reason why a South African who plays lotto wants to win. But here comes another question. What happens if you win? First, you should determine if the prize is claimable through a retailer, a post office, or the Ithuba regional office.

It always depends on the amount won. For winnings above R 50,000, you should file a claim form and visit the Ithuba regional office to collect winnings. However, they will first verify your lottery entry ticket before handing over the winnings to you. Duration for payments depends on the amount you win. Winnings below R 50,000 are paid instantly. Payment processing takes up to 10 business days or at least 72 hours for anything more than that.

When it comes to questioning taxation, let’s state that lotto winnings in SA are exempt from tax. In cases where you win an international lottery, you may be required to pay tax by the host country. Moreover, professional gamblers who rely on gambling as a primary source of income may be taxed.

The Biggest Online Lotto Wins in South Africa in 2024

In 2024, South Africans were treated to news of big lotto wins. You could say it was an extraordinary year for the winners. Even more importantly, more than R2.5 billion was paid in lottery wins. To give you a glimpse into the biggest wins, we summarize them as follows:

A notable aspect of the 2019 winnings is that most players believed that Tuesday was their lucky day. Out of the six biggest winnings that year, 67 were on a Tuesday. Also, looking at the winning number combinations, you get a glimpse of how to play the 2024 lotto games. A story shared by the wife of R141 million SA lotto winner is especially inspiring to anyone looking to play lotto this year.

Lotto Game FAQs

Can I Play Lotto Online?


Yes, you can play lotto online. Visit the website of the provider and opt into a game that you would like to play. Login and buy a lotto ticket to start playing. It answers the question, can you bet lotto online.


How Do You Play Lotto Online in South Africa?


To play lotto online in South Africa, sign up with a trusted lotto messenger platform then go to the lotto page to choose a game. Pick random numbers between 1 and 36, and then proceed to buy an entry ticket. Match five numbers and stand a chance to win the lotto jackpot. It should answer the question, how do I play lotto online?


Is It Safe to Play Online Lotto?


Yes, your safety is guaranteed when you play lotto online, provided you log into the official site of the game provider. Beware of fake sites looking to scam you when playing lotto online in SA. To steer clear of fraud, learn about where and how to play lotto online South Africa.


How Can One Play Daily Lotto Online in South Africa?


Playing daily lotto in South Africa is simple, easy, and straightforward. If you already learned how to buy lotto online South Africa, the next step is signing with a gaming site, or any other trusted lotto messenger platform to start playing.


How and Where Do Players Claim Lotto Prizes?


You can claim your prizes online, from a lotto retailer or Ithuba regional offices. Retailers can pay up to R5, 000 but for winnings above R50, 000 visit Ithuba officers to claim your prize. If you play lotto online, winnings get paid into your account.


When Are South Africa Daily Lotto Draws Held?


Daily South African lotto draws held at 8.56p, South Africa Standard Time. You should also note that lotto draws occur every Wednesday and Saturday, so always stay tuned to find out if you are the winner after playing. But first, learning how to play daily lotto online in South Africa is paramount.


Can I Play International Online Lotto in South Africa?


Yes, you can play international online lotto in South Africa. But first, you should find out how to claim lotto winnings online South Africa. Some of the most popular international lotto games in SA include Euro Millions, Mega Millions, and French Lotto.


Is It Possible to Play Free Online Lotto and Win Real Money?


Yes, anyone of the legal gambling age can play free online lotto and win real money. You can either claim your winnings online by filling a form or visit a ticket vendor to collect your prize in cash, for prizes that are more than R50, 000 visit local offices of the operator. Most importantly, learn how to play lotto online to avoid any inconveniences that may come with purchasing a ticket at a retailer.


How Much Is the Lotto Jackpot in SA?


The South Africa Lotto jackpot prize varies depending on the game or rollovers. The minimum jackpot is R1 million. Most importantly, the prize is determined by ticket purchases.


Is It Possible to Play Real Money Lotto on My Mobile Device?


You can play real money lotto on your mobile device. However, do your research beforehand to determine which platforms/websites are mobile-friendly. Also, find answers to a question of how can you play lotto online before signing up with a site.


What Should You Do to Play Online Lotto Now?


To play lotto online now, simply visit the website of a provider, sign in, or register a player account. Choose 5 or 6 numbers randomly, depending on the game. Next, decide on the number of draws, pay for them, and submit your entries. Always learn how to bet lotto online before getting started.


How Much Is the Tax Charged on Lotto Winnings in South Africa?


Most lotto winnings in South Africa are tax exempt. However, we recommend inquiring from a tax professional about lotto prizes that may qualify for a tax once you learn how to play lotto online in South Africa and win.
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