Online Casino The online industry in South Africa comprises more than 30 million casino websites. Although the National Gambling Board (NGB) says online gambling is illegal in SA, there are some legitimate online casinos available for South African players.

Unfortunately, it seems like a huge challenge for SA players to identify legitimate online casinos. However, as you keep reading, you would find some of the top online legitimate casino websites in South Africa. Interestingly, they are all licensed by trusted regulators.

Let’s get right to it!

Top Legitimate Online Casinos in SA

If you want to play at top online casinos in SA, here you have it. They are safe and offer various bonus perks.

Is Online Gambling Legal in SA?

Somehow this question has been answered but for clarity, let’s throw more light. Before SA embraced democracy in 1994, gambling of any form was illegal. But when the democratic government came on board, land-based gambling was legalized.

However, online gambling has remained illegal to date. But the online casinos listed above can operate legitimately in SA. To avoid being detected, SA punters make deposits and withdrawals via e-wallet platforms instead of using a bank wire transfer.

Common Features of Legitimate Online Casinos in SA

Usually, top online casinos for SA players have similar features. However, other online casinos may have similar features, but they may not be suitable for SA players:

How to Pick out the Best Online Casinos in SA

Apart from looking out for the features listed above, there are several ways to pick the best online casinos operating in SA.

Final Say!

Pick from our list of recommended best online casinos for SA players to enjoy quality gaming. Gambling at online casinos can only be fun if you play on a secure and reliable platform.

Finally, gambling at online casinos also offers a lot of convenience and privacy. To sum it up, don’t ignore using some of the parameters mentioned here to pick the best online casinos to play in SA.