Cops and Robbers Review & Experience

Step into the world of crime and justice with Cops and Robbers, an exciting free scratch cards win real money South Africa game from PariPlay, now known as Wizard Games. This thrilling game pits cops against robbers in a battle for cash prizes and is available to play for real money at the best online gambling sites. As you scratch away at the 3×3 grid, you’ll uncover multipliers and cash amounts, with the chance to win up to R1,000,000. With its retro 1940s styling and catchy crime scene soundtrack, Cops and Robbers offers a unique and entertaining gaming experience. Join us as we delve into this exciting game in our Cops and Robbers scratch card review and explore the best online casinos to get real fun in South Africa.

Cops and Robbers Game Info

Immerse yourself in the world of cops and robbers with the Cops and Robbers scratch game. Uncover the details of this exciting PariPlay (Wizard Games) creation, including its design, features, and potential rewards, in the informative table below.

Game type Scratch card
Software provider Wizard Games (former PariPlay)
Date of release 11.04.2016
Theme Street Crime
Platforms Desktop, smartphone, and tablet
RTP 94.90%
Maximum win R1,000,000
Minimum bet R1
Maximum bet R100
Autobet feature Yes
Reveal feature Yes

How to Play?

Playing Cops and Robbers is a straightforward process:

  1. Set your wager per round using the “+” and “–” buttons in the “BET” box.
  2. Click the “BUY TICKET” button.
  3. Scratch each square to reveal the hidden value, or select “REVEAL ALL” for automatic scratching.
  4. If you match 3 values, you win that amount, which will flash on the screen along with the total win in the “WIN” box.

To play, choose your bet amount (from R1 to R100) and decide if you want to use the Autoplay feature. Autoplay lets the game play cards for you, with customization options for 5 to 50 scratch cards. If not using Autoplay, click “Buy Ticket” to start a new scratch card.

If using Autoplay, watch to see if you win. If not, manually move your cursor (appearing as a small digital coin) over each section to reveal the hidden value. Matching 3 values wins you that amount, indicated by pulsating gold stars and white text.

Whether you choose Autoplay or not, winning is clear with large gold stars and text indicating your win amount.

Thematic and Graphics

The graphics of Cops and Robbers are designed in a charming 1940s comic-book style. The backdrop features a cartoonish scene of a cop and a robber in a standoff, with searchlights sweeping the sky. A banner at the top of the screen adds to the atmosphere with a gleaming animation. When you scratch the card, a neat animation shows the digital coin swiftly revealing the hidden values. The game is accompanied by background music, dialogue between cops and robbers, and siren sound effects. While the dialogue adds to the theme, the continuous sirens can become repetitive. However, players can mute the background music and adjust the volume. Matching three amounts triggers a satisfying “cha-ching” sound effect, indicating a prize.


Cops and Robbers scratch card offers players the chance to win impressive prizes. The maximum jackpot varies depending on the bet amount, ranging from R10,000 to a substantial R1,000,000. Even at the lowest bet, players can get a minimum of 0.5 times their bet, while at the maximum bet, the highest win amount is 10,000 times the bet. The game boasts an overall odds of winning at 1 in 2.77, coupled with an impressive RTP of 94.9%. There are 10,000,000 scratch cards available in the game, distributed across 11 tiers, each offering different multipliers. The paytable for the 10,000,000 tickets is as follows:

Tier Tickets Multipliers
0 6,452,340 No Win
1 1,500,000 X1
2 1,100,000 X2
3 600,000 X4
4 200,000 X5
5 92,000 X10
6 50,000 X20
7 5,000 X50
8 500 X100
9 100 X200
10 50 X1,000
11 10 X10,000

Pros and Cons

  • Pros
  • Very high RTP
  • Offers instant gratification
  • Provides clear instructions
  • Features an engaging street crime theme
  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • Offers simple gameplay
  • Provides variety in bet amounts
  • Cons
  • May lack depth for some players

Is Cops and Robbers Scratch Card Worth Playing?

Cops and Robbers scratch card offers a visually appealing and entertaining experience, but its main allure lies in the potential to get up to R1,000,000. To have a shot at this jackpot, however, players need to wager around R100 per game. Despite this, the game boasts a high RTP, which should provide some reassurance to players considering the higher wager. Ultimately, whether Cops and Robbers is worth playing depends on individual preferences and budget, but for those seeking the thrill of a potentially lucrative win, it could be an exciting choice. Discover more recent online casino games reviewed by our team, such as instant wins titles – Dragon Scrolls or Panda Gold.

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