online slots No, online slots are not rigged. Instead, results are generated randomly. If you’re new to gambling at online slots, often assuming that the games are rigged and the reels are crooked when you are losing comes to mind.

Aside from beginners, generally, some slot players think the results are rigged when they start losing. Nevertheless, some unlicensed online casino platforms may rig their slots. However, you could be sure there are lots of safe online slot machines that are not rigged.

Although winning at online slots may seem hard sometimes, it is achievable with the right tips.

Keep reading to find out some online slot winning tips too.

How the Online Slot Works

Online slots are quite different from electronic and mechanical slots because they exist in the digital space as a series of codes and algorithms.

Online slot machines are designed to mimic the reels of the past. However, online slots have more unique features and flashy graphics. The games are nothing but lines of code that you are playing through the screen. Let’s look at how online slots work.

Return to Player (RTP) Percentage

The Return to Player (RTP) is the percentage of returns a player enjoys after being on a slot machine after a certain period. Most often, the RTP is usually calculated after a certain duration. Nonetheless, the RTPdetermines how much a player would get on average.

Usually, the RTP of a slot game ranges from 80 to 99 percent. Are you shocked? There are online slots that have an RTP of 99 percent. Generally, more than 50 percent of online slots have an RTP of 95 percent. For instance, if you place a bet of R100 after a certain period, you will likely get back R95 or more after playing on that slot. Then it means that a slot with a higher RTP will offer more winnings.


Online slot variance is not a new concept, but it appears that they are gaining prominence. Recently, online slot players are looking for ways to predict the outcome or performance of a slot game.

Therefore, the variance of an online slot tells you how often you would hit a particular combination. You could also tell the size of your winnings using the variance of the online slot. Slot games that don’t land winning too often but can payout large prizes are high variance. On the other hand, if the slot game offers small winnings frequently, it has a low variance.

Somehow, if you play a slot that doesn’t payout often, you play on a high variance slot. Opt for a low variance slot so you can win frequently.

Random Number Generators (RNG)

The Random Number Generator is a piece of code that is written into the architecture of the game. These codes are not arranged or designed to work in a certain pattern.

As the slot reel is spinning, the RNG randomly generates results via the algorithms to the systems. This will turn into the result of the bet.

The key thing about RNG is that you cannot predict the outcome of the game.

The system itself has no memory, so it cannot dictate when to allow a win or a loss depending. Also, how much a player gets or previously won or lost is not stored. Therefore, a player can hit the jackpot more than once because the system would not record it.

Tips to Help Determine Safe Online Slot Machines

If you are thinking of how to cheat online slots honestly, then pay attention. The following are handy tips to help you ensure that your gambling is safe and secure each time you play.


The fact remains that there are fraudulent online slots out there that don’t use RNG technology. However, casinos have reputable private auditors testing their online slot RNGs and payout percentages. Another way to discover dishonest cheating online slots is to look at the internet blacklists or scam slots lists.

Make sure you gamble on a legitimate and licensed platform; these are the ones that will not attempt to rig their slot machines. Good knowledge of how these slot machines work is also an added advantage. Finally, we can’t vouch for every slot, especially unlicensed online slots, but most licensed slots are not rigged. So make sure you play a regulated slot powered by top software providers at a safe casino website.

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