Unlike the belief of some gamblers, PayPal doesn’t prohibit their platform from being used for depositing and withdrawing funds at online casinos.

However, PayPal prohibits the use of its platform in jurisdictions where gambling is not legal. For instance, in some states in the US,  as well as in SA, PayPal cannot be used because online gambling real money South Africa is not legal there.

Also, the online gambling merchant must satisfy all PayPal’s requirements to use their services. Aside from that, PayPal casinos are safe and secure.

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How to Deposit with PayPal at Online Gambling Website

PayPal is a simple e-wallet platform used to make deposits, withdrawals, pay for commodities, etc., at various online sites, including online gambling platforms. Compared to using credit cards, PayPal is much easier. Here is how it works:

  1. Go to the payment section
  2. Select PayPal
  3. Insert the amount you want to deposit
  4. Enter a promo, coupon, or bonus code if you have any
  5. Tap Submit to deposit

But that’s not all; the PayPal website will pop up so you can approve the transaction. Interestingly, as soon as the transaction is approved, payments will appear instantly on your online gambling account.

Also, the minimum deposit varies depending on the online gambling site. Most often, the minimum deposit amount you can make with PayPal is R10, while the maximum is approximately R10,000. To discover more on the deposit limits, read gambling reviews. However, most online gambling websites don’t charge fees if you use PayPal to make a deposit.

How to Find Online Gambling Platforms That Use PayPal

Although finding online gambling websites that use PayPal may seem easy, it is also a tricky task. However, considering their position as a leading e-wallet platform, most credible online gambling sites have PayPal as a payment option on their website.

Nonetheless, the challenge is how to know if an online gambling site uses PayPal. The easiest way to discover an online gambling platform that uses PayPal is to read reviews. Find out if PayPal is part of their payment options.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using PayPal at Online Gambling Websites

As known, PayPal is one of the most popular payment platforms worldwide. Of course, it has a lot of benefits compared to other payment methods. But let’s check if it has any disadvantages while using it for depositing to online casino websites.

PayPal Pros
PayPal is accepted in only countries that have legalized online gambling
PayPal’s website layout is mobile-friendly
Processing your withdrawals via PayPal is faster and safer than bank wire transfers
PayPal has a responsive customer support
Punters can transact on PayPal via numerous currencies
It is difficult to use their platform for fraud due to strict moderation rules
PayPal Cons
If gambling is prohibited in a jurisdiction, players can’t use PayPal services for depositing
Depending on the online gambling website, fees may be charged for withdrawals
The withdrawal timeframe may differ depending on the online gambling website
It may not be easy to use by a newbie

PayPal Restricted and Approved Countries

Based on PayPal’s gambling policies, some countries are restricted from using their services at their online gambling sites. Let’s look at the countries where PayPal is approved for online gambling websites:

However, players in the following countries cannot use PayPal to gamble online:

Generally, PayPal cannot be used in countries where online gambling is not legalized. So the yardstick to know if online gambling platforms can use PayPal in a particular jurisdiction is if gambling is legalized there. Typically, online gambling websites that target African countries like South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, etc., often don’t offer PayPal.

Alternative Payment Options to PayPal

Don’t panic, if PayPal is not accessible at online gambling websites in the jurisdiction doesn’t mean that there are no other alternatives. Amazingly, there are so many alternatives to PayPal available to punters. Below are some of the best alternatives to PayPal:

So if you reside in regions where PayPal is not approved at online gambling websites, use the alternatives listed above. Like PayPal, they are also safe and secure.

Wrapping Up

PayPal is a leading e-wallet platform; therefore, their presence at an online gambling platform also adds credence. In other words, merely finding PayPal as part of an online gambling website payment option also assures punters that the platform is safe and secure.

Whether or not PayPal is on a gambling website’s payment option, always ensure that the platform is licensed. For instance, some of the foremost online gambling regulators are the National Gambling Board in SA, Curacao Gambling Authority, etc.

Finally, if you can’t find PayPal on an online gambling website, pick any of the alternatives listed in this article. Don’t forget, finding a trusted e-wallet system is important.