The 1st of July is marked as Canada Day, and the Cascades Casino Resort located in Langley City will reopen the same day. More so, this announcement was made on the 29th of June. This is after the one-year shutdown of operations of land-based casinos in Canada.

The excitement of Tony Santo, the CEO of Gateway Casinos, was visible when he announced it on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Cascade Casino Resort will reopen at exactly 7 am on the 1st of July 2021.

No doubt the reopening of Cascades Casino will bring back some nightlife in Langley City.

Changes Expected at Cascades Casino Resort

No doubt, the pattern, and style of the Cascade Casino Resort would change considering the outbreak of the pandemic.

Certainly, players and employees at Cascade Casino must wear masks and use hand sanitizers before gaining entry. For sure, this would also be used by any player that wants to gain entry into the Cascades Casino Resort.

The Public Relations Director of Gateways Casinos, Tanya Gabara, highlighted some of the noticeable changes that would be visible at Cascade Casino Resort as follows:

Another change expected at Cascade Casino is that players would not be allowed to touch cards while playing table games. Only table games with rules that allow the dealer to face the card up will be played. The British Columbia Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch are strictly enforcing all these measures at other casinos in the province.

COVID-19: Effect on the Canadian Land-based Casino Industry

Cascade Casino was not the only land-based casino that suffered a serious setback because of the pandemic. The entire land-based casino industry was affected by the pandemic. At some point, some land-based casinos in Canada had to lay off their staff to stay afloat.

Because land-based casinos would require a lot of physical contacts, they suffered the most. For instance, Cascade Casino is a major employer in Langley City. Also, the taxes that accrue to the city from Cascade Casino is about $6 million annually. Whether the land-based industry in Canada would bounce back fully after the shutdown remains a huge debate. Compared to other casinos, Cascade Casino seems to be optimistic that they will bounce back.

Overview of Cascade Casino Resort

Gateway Casinos & Entertainment is the owner of the Cascade Casino Resort located in Langley City. Not to mention, the Cascade Casino Resort is one of the 25 land-based casinos owned by Gateway Casinos & Entertainment in Canada.

The Cascade Casino Resort located in Langley City was shut down like other casinos for over a year. Undoubtedly, this affected their income, and they only announced their reopening on Tuesday. The Cascade Casino Resort occupies 26,000 square feet of land. Apart from playing casino games, Cascade Casino Resort also features a great dining area, hotel & spa, and a convention center.

More so, the Cascade Casino Resort offers games like slot machines, blackjack, roulette, poker rooms, etc. However, based on the current changes, poker and bingo games will not be offered at Cascade Casino Resort for now.

About 490 employees are expected to return to work. This is compared to the 776 employees that were working at the casino when it ran at full capacity.

Online Casinos in Langley City

The pandemic didn’t affect the operations of real money casinos in Langley City. Many casino players in Langley City switched to online casinos since they could no longer access their favorite land-based casino venues.

Furthermore, online casinos in Langley City took advantage of the situation and offered more bonuses to lure new players. Considering the impact of COVID-19 on Langley City’s income, the city needs to create a welcoming atmosphere for online gambling operators.

Cascade Casino Langley City: Expectation of Casino Players

According to Gabara, his team has been working hard to ensure that the environment is safe for players. He added that players who visit Cascade Casino Resort would not be disappointed with their new transformation.

Assuming the pandemic had been eliminated, Cascade Casino would be fully packed with players after this long wait. Finally, Cascade Casino reopening will not only create more fun for players, but the city will feel positive with an increase in revenue.