There is stiff competition among casinos when it comes to attracting new players. Each casino offers exciting sign-up offers to lure the new players and to outdo its competitors. This makes it very tricky for gamblers to decide on which sites to open a new account. The welcome bonuses are not very common in the other parts of the gaming industry but are most commonly featured on a lot of casino websites.

Casino bonuses are designed to give players extra money to play with when they make their first deposit. You should ensure that you opt for the best casino bonuses possible to maximize your welcome promo. Here are some of the five steps you can follow to recognize the best online casino SA sign up bonuses.

Bonus Size

Bonus size is one of the most attractive areas of welcome promotions. Most people opt for casino sites that offer bigger bonuses compared to those offering small ones. You should also remember that bigger does not always mean better. If you have two similar offers in every way other than the promo size, you will not have a problem picking the one that gives you a bigger bonus.

Most of these welcome promos aren’t only designed to boost your account’s balance. Therefore, you should also look out for casinos that offer free spins to cover up for their small total of bonus money. These are great options for players who prefer online slots. On the other hand, if you like playing table games, you should look out for casinos with a dedicated promo for the table games.

Watch Out for Wagering Requirements

It is vital to look into the wagering requirements when signing up for a casino’s welcome promo. This is because the wagering requirements will dictate the win conditions supposed to be met before withdrawing funds that you might have won with the bonus. A good example is a $200 bonus that comes with wagering requirements of x20. So, you are expected to play up to $4000 in stakes before qualifying to withdraw winnings resulting from this promo.

Therefore, you should learn how to beat some of these wagering requirements and take full advantage of the bonuses. You can do this by opting for casinos with low wagering requirements, or go for the casinos that come up with sign-up offers without wagering requirements.

Check Out the Terms and Conditions

You should note that most of the casino bonuses have terms and conditions attached to them. Therefore, always take time to read through all the terms and conditions and understand how the bonuses work. This will help you avoid settling for agreements that you did not fully understand by ignoring the terms and conditions section. It will especially be helpful if you want to avoid sites that do not offer deposit casino bonuses.

Restrictions on Games and Time

Casinos have a way of coming up with tempting strategies designed to convince you to opt for their welcome promo. This means that you should closely look into the bonus and only go for the one that lets you play in your usual manner. Regularly check the welcome bonus length so that you may not be caught out by a one-week expiration period that didn’t suit your normal playing speed.

The same also applies to the games offered on the website. You might have favorite casino games that you love playing, but the free spin welcome bonus is only applicable to certain slots that are not part of the games you love playing. Therefore, always choose a welcome bonus that does not compromise your standard staking plan and game choice.

Consider Reviews and Ratings

To guarantee that you end up with a casino site with the best welcome bonus, you should also consider looking at reviews and feedback from people who have used the site before, or those who are still using it. Most of the casinos provide an option for reviewing their site; hence you should check out some of the feedback posted. Avoid casino sites that tend to have negative reviews regarding the uncertainty of their welcome bonus.

Find the Best Welcome Bonus Deal for You

If you want to find the best welcome bonus for you, ensure that you take your time to do some research before fully committing to it. This will help you to avoid getting trapped in a deal that will not be profitable to you simply because it looked good from the outside. Besides the welcome bonus, you should also check out the casino’s reviews to make sure that the overall experience will be good for you.