Unfortunately, Juste Puharic may never get his £27,000,000 back based on the ruling delivered by a High court judge on Monday. Juste Puharic is a Croatian businessman who spent a whopping £27,000,000 at Park Lane Club casino, where he stayed for five nights.

Puharic claimed that Park Lane Club Casino at Mayfair owes him £244,000 as an incentive to play a live roulette game. However, Judge Gavin Mansfield, after hearing their arguments, ruled against Juste Puharic.

Furthermore, the judge concluded that Puharic had no agreement with Silverbond Enterprises (Owners of Park Lane Club Casino) regarding incentives and bonuses.

Who Is Juste Puharic?

Juste Puharic is an entrepreneur from Croatia. Interestingly, Puharic is more famous for his gambling skills. He was banned from playing in some European trusted casinos because he won huge sums that almost cleaned them out. In other words, Puharic is a professional gambler.

It appears that Puharic specializes in playing roulette and poker games. More so, Puharic has invested most of his winnings in the stock market and property. Mr. Puharic owns a shipping company, restaurants and also invested in the energy business. Apart from his various investments, he owns apartments in Zagreb and other assets across the world.

Somehow, Puharic can be described as an “anonymous rich man”. However, his lawsuit against Silverbond Enterprises has brought him to the limelight. Puharic is famous in his hometown for his various huge winnings at the casino. His nickname is the “Makarska King of Roulette”.

The Genesis of Juste Puharic Lawsuit

According to the reports, Juste Puharic went on a five-night gambling spree at Park Lane Club Casino in London sometime in 2015. Puharic claimed that the Park Lane Club Casino agreed to give him cash back incentives if he played at their hall. After the casino refused to give him the cashback, he sued them for almost £250,000.

However, Park Lane Club Casino insisted that they didn’t have any agreement with Puharic regarding cashback and incentives. Hence, they do not owe Puharic any money as he claims.

Besides, during his five nights of gambling at the casino, he also won £1,466,056 from playing slots. During the hearing, Puharic added that he wouldn’t have played even at the top online casino real money if he was not offered any incentives.

Also, during the hearing, it does appear that Puharic did not provide sufficient evidence to prove his claim. Mayfair also added that the casino usually offers incentives and bonuses to players who had lost but not those who won.

In his judgment, the presiding judge Gavin Mansfield said that since Puharic was paid all his winnings, he was no longer entitled to any incentive or bonuses as he claimed. Also, there was no concluded agreement to show where the casino promised to give the claimant incentives and bonuses.

The Park Lane Club Casino in London

Interestingly, the Park Lane Club is located in the heart of London. Park Lane Club is one of the most desirable private member clubs in London. Established in 2014, Park Lane Club has become a serious competition in the industry.

Park Lane Club is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. Located in Mayfair, this land-based casino is famous for its architectural splendor. Also, Park Lane Club has various private gaming rooms and an exclusive lounge for gamblers.

Juste Case: Effect of the High Court Decision on the Gambling Industry

It is not quite sure how the decision of the high court in Juste Puharic’s case will affect other gamblers in the city. More so, it appears that most casino halls often offer bonuses and incentives without necessarily entering into a written contract with gamblers. Some questions that may remain unanswered arising from the decision of Juste Puharic’s case are:

Assuming Juste and the Park Lane Club casino had a written contract, will the court’s decision be different?

Will Juste Puharic have a Chance to get his Money Back?

Puharic can proceed with an appeal to the Court of Appeal to challenge the decision of the lower court. However, he must establish that the lower court judge gave the decision wrongly.

Apart from that, Juste has a limited time to file his appeal. Upon the expiration of the required time set out to file an appeal, Juste’s case can no longer be heard at an appellate court.

It appears that the £27,000,000 loss by Juste is among the all-time highest figures ever lost at a casino.