Online Casino Yes, a player can gamble online legally. However, the legality of online gambling is somewhat a grey zone. No doubt, numerous countries have legalized online gambling. But the gambling laws in some countries are vague and don’t categorically prohibit online gambling.

Remarkably, not all gamblers understand the implication of gambling in regions where online gaming is prohibited. Apart from the fines that may be meted out, gambling in a region where online gambling is outlawed can attract a prison term.

However, most often, the online gambling laws affect the website operators more than the players. Meanwhile, there are numerous legal online gambling sites on the internet.

Overview of Online Gambling Laws Around the World

Regarding land-based gambling, the law appears to be clear and unambiguous in most countries. However, that’s not the case with online gambling in some countries.

For instance, in the European Union, the operators of foreign gambling websites must abide by the EU laws. Nonetheless, not all countries in the EU accept that foreign online gambling operators should pay tax to the local treasury.

In some countries, a foreign online gambling operator is mandated to obtain a local gaming license and pay taxes. Some countries that operate in this manner are France, Germany, Italy, etc.

Therefore, although online gambling may be illegal in the country, they may not have the resources to stop foreign operators from functioning in their country.

Jurisdictions Where Online Gambling Is Legalized

Certain jurisdictions have legalized online gambling. Therefore, players and online gambling website operators can operate within the confines of the law. They are four groups as far as legalized online gambling is concerned.

Foreign Online Gambling Sites Are Allowed to Operate While Local Gambling Sites Are BlockedForeign or Local Must Be Licensed by Countries Regulators to OperateOperational License Is Required by Local Operators, but Foreign Gambling Sites Can Operate FreelyNo Restrictions Whatever for Online Gambling Sites, Whether Local or Foreign
New ZealandFinlandRwandaIsle of Man
Hong KongItalyCanadaMacau

Although they have legalized online gambling, their regulations regarding operators, licensing, players may differ. The US is not on this list because not all states have legalized online gambling. Also, lots of European countries require a gambling license.

Regions That Outlaw Online Gambling

Generally, in Africa, online gambling is not legal. However, this has not stopped the operation of foreign online gambling sites. In most cases, either the laws are not clear, or the foreign operator finds a loophole to function.

For instance, in South Africa, the National Gambling Board outlawed all forms of online gambling except sports betting. Despite this ban, there are numerous foreign online casinos operational in SA. The foreign online operators tend to have their way because they don’t have any local presence in the country. All their activities are cited in regions that legalize online gambling. Furthermore, South Africans use e-wallets to deposit at these foreign-based online gambling websites to avoid scrutiny.

Other countries that prohibit online gambling are:

Offshore Online Gambling Providers Vs. Local Online Gambling Providers

The difference between offshore online gambling providers and local online gambling providers is often very slim.

Offshore Online Gambling ProvidersLocal Online Gambling Providers
They operate from another jurisdiction where gambling is legalizedThey are bound by the local gambling laws
Depending on the country, offshore online gambling providers may not pay taxesLocal gambling providers are physically present in the country where they operate
They accommodate players from countries from various countries, including regions where online gambling is prohibitedPunters can gamble and bet in local currencies

But that’s not all; offshore online gambling providers are not illegal, but their major feature is that they are not physically present in the area where they operate. Also, offshore online gambling platforms accommodate players from various countries. Gambling at offshore online gaming websites is fun because they offer more promotions than local providers.

Wrapping Up

There is no need asking “what is the best online casino in South Africa?” because the list is endless. However, top online casinos or gambling websites often have the same features. First of all, learn what online gambling is all about before you register at online casinos.

Then find out the regulatory body that licensed their operation. The most trusted offshore online gambling regulatory agencies are the UK gambling commission and Malta Gaming Authority.

Finally, take out a few minutes to read the online gambling website terms and conditions. That way, you would know if their services are available for your region or country. Always have a gaming strategy and gamble safely!


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