Online Casino New casino players often ask this question before starting to gamble. Well, the answer to this question is no, reputable online casinos do not cheat. But how do you recognize if it is a trusted online casino or not?

A reputable online casino is licensed by local gaming authorities and has a good reputation. In addition, a good casino has a lot of positive reviews from players and online casino experts. A trusted online casino is not likely to cheat, and below are the reasons.

Online Casino Games Are Based on Probability

When a set of results looks strange, most new online casino players believe it is rigged. Although the probability of getting that kind of result is low, it doesn’t mean it is entirely impossible.

New players in online casinos believe the result of a previous roulette spin determines the result of the next. However, that is not true. Each spin made by the roulette wheel is independent and doesn’t influence the result of the next.

If a result looks strange, it doesn’t mean the online casino is rigged. This means the games provided by online casinos are games of chance and are based on probability.

Online Casinos Have House Advantage

Online casinos have what is called the house edge or advantage. It allows online casinos to win in any game, no matter what. This means online casinos don’t need to cheat their players to make money.

Like all games in an online casino, blackjack also has a house edge. The rules in a game of blackjack offer an important advantage to the online casino. This means that if you play these games, online casinos have a high probability of winning.

Online Casinos Do Not Create the Games

Top software providers are creators of all the games available in an online casino, and they are responsible for its quality and contents. The online casino is only tasked with the responsibility of providing these games to players. Since online casinos aren’t responsible for creating these games, they can’t possibly rig it.

When a software provider creates a game, everything concerning the game, including payout percentage, is decided by the developer. After the game has been created, the online casino will use its software to offer these games to players. Interestingly, the software used by online casinos to provide these games are not rigged either. And this takes us to the next point. Before that, note that it is possible to make money while gambling online.

Random Number Generators Are Tested

Software used by an online casino to provide games to its players is the random number generator. Interestingly, this random number generator powers all the online casinos worldwide. Want to know how it works? Keep reading.

As the name implies, the random number generator produces random numbers. These random numbers are then converted into results of blackjack or roulette games.

Before an online casino can be licensed, its random number generator must be tested. Interestingly, this software test is carried out by a third-party organization known as eCOGRA. An online casino can only be granted a license after the test. This means a licensed online casino can’t cheat.

The Risk Outweighs the Reward

Another reason online casinos do not cheat is that the risk involved is greater than the reward. When an online casino cheats even a single player, it stands a chance of losing its license. But that’s not all.

Besides losing its license, the online casino will be charged to court and may pay a fine. Once this fine is paid, the online casino won’t have enough funds to continue operating. So, even if an online casino is tempted to cheat, the risk involved will serve as a discouragement.

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Even though online casinos do not cheat, it is left to you to choose a reputable one. More so, you can rely on our choices and enjoy online gambling at its best.

Avoid online casinos that are not licensed. Also, ensure you read reviews about an online casino before you sign up. Finally, you can always leave an online casino you don’t like. The CasinoHEX team reviews casinos and includes them to the list only after the expert conclusion.

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