Roulette, slot, and other games are easy to learn. The hardest part is figuring out the terms related to casinos and gambling. It’s necessary to get the basics straight before playing casino games online for real money. That’s where our dictionary of gambling terms comes into play.

You’ll get to know all major phrases to ensure there are no surprises when visiting a casino. Check out more than 200 definitions below and learn all terms that a casino player should know!



Ace is the strongest card in poker. If you compare high cards, it’s stronger than the King.


This gambling terminology marks a total sum that a player wagers during an entire session in a casino.

Active Player

It’s another poker term that marks a player who still actively participates in the game.


If you decide to buy additional chips in poker, that will be an add-on to your stack.

Aggregate Limit

This is a term that marks the maximum payout liability of a casino during a single game.

Aggregate Winnings

It marks the entire sum to win in a game.


Players use this term when they wager all chips they have in poker. You can bet all chips even when another player wagers more. If you go all-in, that other player will reduce the bet to match your stake.

All or Nothing

It’s a keno term that refers to a ticket that can win in two situations – if you match all numbers or don’t match a single number.

American Roulette

The American version of roulette has “0” and “00” pockets on the wheel.


If ante is active, every poker player at the table needs to contribute this bet before the dealing starts.


This craps term refers to players who can throw dice in a way that can change the game odds. It’s uncertain if this is just a myth. The house requires throwing dice against the table’s wall to avoid this potential effect on the game.

Automat Club

It describes a casino that has only software-based games and no casino operators. Another term for these facilities is arcade casinos.



Baccarat is a famous table game often available in online casinos.


Balance indicates the amount of money you have available in your casino account.


This describes how much money a player wants to spend when heading into a casino.


If a player gets into an argument with the house (bookmaker or casino), that’s beef.

Beginners’ Luck

It refers to beginners who do well at something, such as casino games. The term’s origins come from confirmation bias.


Bet or wager is among the most famous casino terms. It describes the sum you are willing to risk in a single game round.

Betting Limits

Some casinos might place betting limits on particular games. They restrict how much you can wager per round.

Big Blind

This is the bigger of two mandatory bets in a poker hand.


It’s a game where you need to match the numbers on your ticket with the ones drawn in that session. The bingo history goes back to the 16th century.


It describes a card game and a situation when you have a hand valued at “21” in that game.


These are mandatory bets in Hold ’em and other poker variants.


If you play poker and fake a strong hand, you are bluffing.


Online casinos often issue different bonuses to new players and those who remain loyal to their platform.

Bonus Round

The bonus round is among the most important slot machine terms. It refers to free spins or another bonus mode available in slots.


This refers to the joker-card, which can be a semi-wild in Pai Gow.

Burn Card

In poker, this is the top card in the deck. The dealer will discard or “burn” it, and the players won’t use it in that round.


It marks the player who acts as a dealer in poker games. You play last if you are at the button position.


This is the sum (chips or money) that you need to invest to gain access to a tournament or a table game.



In poker, this is the name for matching the current wager.

Card Counting

This is a strategy some players use in blackjack. Many casinos consider it illegal and might throw you out if they figure out you’ve been counting cards. Many movies use card counting as inspiration.

Caribbean Stud

It’s a type of poker you play with a single card deck and against the casino.


It’s a type of casino bonus where players receive a portion of the money they wagered back.


This is an offline facility or website offering gambling games to visitors.

Casino Advantage

It’s another name for house edge – the advantage that the casino has over players in a particular game.


This is a poker term where you choose to remain active in hand but also don’t want to increase the stakes.

Check in the Dark

If you check before checking out your cards, you do that “in the dark.”


It’s a slot machine or another game that doesn’t seem to pay at a high rate. This also refers to a player in a losing streak.

Comp Points

Many casinos have loyalty programs that involve earning these points. You usually get them for wagering on particular games.


This is a popular casino game, but also the name for “2,” “3,” and “12” in that game.


It’s a synonym for the dealer in casino terms.


D’Alembert System

This strategy in roulette involves doubling your wager after losing the previous bet.


The casino games’ host and a person who deals with cards in blackjack, spins the ball in roulette, etc.


In online casinos, this is the sum added to your account to play games.

Deposit Bonus

This is a bonus you get for investing funds into your account in a particular casino. A first deposit bonus is quite common.


It’s another name for a “2” in casino terms and phrases.


Roulette dealers place this marker on the winning number, so the players can easily identify it.

Double Down

You can use this bet in blackjack. It refers to doubling your wager and receiving only one more card.

Down Card

It’s a card that the blackjack dealer gives with its face down.



It’s a recognized certificate that guarantees fair play conditions in a particular casino game.

En Prison

This roulette rule ensures players have another chance if they made an even-money wager on “0” or “00.”

European Roulette

The European roulette is a variation with a single-zero pocket on the wheel.

Even Money Bet

It’s a wager that pays exactly double the amount invested.


Face Card

This is the card shown with its face up in blackjack or poker.

Final Schnaps

The gambling glossary uses this term if you place a wager on 11, 22, or 33 in roulette.

Flat Betting

It happens when you don’t change a bet size between hands.


This is the name for the poker situation where the dealer reveals the first three community cards.


It’s an action in poker where you admit defeat in the current round.


This is a tournament, usually in poker, that you can play without investing real money.

Full House

It’s a poker hand where you have three identical and two other identical cards. For example, “K, K, K, 4, 4.”

Free Spins

These are spins you receive in slots without the need to bet your own money.


Going All-In

If you choose to bet everything you have in your balance, that’s going “all-in.”


Those who choose to play poker with low stakes for hours to secure a steady profit.


Hard Hand

It’s a hand in blackjack that only has a single value. For example, “3, 3” is a “hard 6.”


If you want an extra card in blackjack, you ask the dealer to “hit” you.

High Roller

This refers to a player willing to invest large money sums in a casino.


You’ll see this bet in craps. It involves wagering that the next throw will be 2 or 12.

Hole Card

These cards remain face down so nobody can see their value. They are available in blackjack and poker.

House Edge

It’s the advantage that the house has in a particular casino game.


It refers to a player that has a winning streak. The term could also mark a machine that gives high payouts at a particular moment.


Inside Bets

In roulette, these are all bets on particular numbers.


It’s a type of bet in blackjack where you wager that the dealer receives a natural. You can use the insurance if the face card is an Ace.

Irregular Playing Patterns

This term refers to players chasing to convert their online casino bonus sum to actual money for withdrawal. As a result, they adapt their playing style to the bonus’ rules.


It’s an abbreviation for Interactive Video Terminals.



This is the main cash prize in a particular casino game.

Jacks or Better

It’s a classic variation of the video poker game.


Joker is a special card not used in all games. These are additional cards that often act as wilds.



It’s a game that might remind you of bingo or lottery. Keno has numbers from 1-80, and you need to match the ones drawn to the ones on your ticket.



In land-based casinos, laddermen sit above the table and oversee a baccarat game.


This is a certain restriction imposed by the casino, usually on bet sizes.

Live Dealer Games

These are casino games where human dealers are hosts and guide you through the game.



It’s a wagering system that started in France. Martingale implies doubling your wager each time you lose.

Maximum Bet

The maximum amount you can wager in a particular game, round, or position.

Minimum Bet

The minimum amount you can wager in a particular game, round, or position.


It’s when you choose not to show your hand but admit defeat in poker.


This slot term describes how many times the game will multiply your winnings if the multiplier is active.



It’s a specific hand in blackjack (valued at 21) and baccarat (8, 9).

No-Deposit Bonus

It’s a bonus an online casino is willing to offer without asking for a deposit.

Non-Value Chip

This is a chip that doesn’t have an exact value. The dealer calculates it by dividing the buy-in by the number of chips.


If you get the best possible hand in poker, that’s a nut.



These are the statistical chances of your bet being the winning one.

Online Casino

It’s a website that offers gaming services to players.

Outside Bets

The gambling glossary describes outside bets as a roulette term for all wagers not placed on numbers. For example, these bets are red/black, odd/even, etc.



A pair refers to two cards of identical value. For example, two Ks make a pair in poker.


In casino terms and phrases, this one marks a potentially winning combination in slots.

Pay Table

It’s a payout structure in slots, poker, and other games.

Payout Percentage

This marks a theoretical percentage of wagers in a game that players can expect to receive back. RTP describes a long-term percentage of all bets in that slot. For example, 90% RTP means that the game will return 90% of the stakes to players.


It’s a popular card game and a phrase that describes four cards of the same strength (for example, four 7s).


It’s the total bet sum accumulated from what players invested during a single poker hand.

Pot Limit

The house limits the bet per round to the current pot size in this game type.

Progressive Prize

Also known as a progressive jackpot, this prize increases with every hand played on that machine. It’s a common reward in slots.


If a blackjack hand finishes without a winner, it’s a push. The player gets their wager back, and the game proceeds to the next round.



If you have a hand of four identical cards, you have quads.

Quick Pick

This gives you an option to pick numbers for a keno or lottery ticket randomly.


Random Number Generator – RNG

It’s a complex mathematical algorithm that guarantees the randomness and fairness of casino software.


This action marks increasing the current bet in a poker hand.


In the gambling glossary, this marks the repetition of your previous wager.


In slot machine terms, reels are locations where symbols appear.


This is the name for the final card dealt in poker.


Roulette is an extremely popular casino game where you need to guess the socket where the ball will land on the wheel.

Royal Flush

It’s the strongest hand in poker. You get it when combining 10, J, Q, K, and A in the same suit.



Scatter is a slot symbol that usually activates the bonus round, such as free spins.


It marks a single gaming session for a player.


This is a smart and experienced card player, especially in poker.

Slot Machine

This is an offline or online game where you spin the reels with symbols and look to land a winning combination.

Snake Eyes

The gambling glossary considers snake eyes when double 1s appear on the dice.

Split Hand

In blackjack, you have the option to split the first two cards received into two hands. It’s only possible if both cards have the same value.


A player who decides to stand in blackjack doesn’t want any more cards and is happy with the current hand value.


It’s a poker term describing five cards of consecutive values in a single hand (for example – 5, 6, 7, 8, 9).


In blackjack, it’s a move where you give up and forfeit your hand in a particular round. You get half of the wager returned if you surrender.


Table Limit

These are restrictions for bets on a particular table.

Tapping Out

If you lost your money and can’t play anymore, you tapped out.

Texas Hold ’em Poker

This is the most popular poker variation these days.

Three of a Kind

In poker, it marks three identical cards (for example, Aces).


It refers to the chips you use to tip the dealer.



It’s a bet that doesn’t seem much likely, which is why it might bring extra money in case of winning.

Up Card

This is a card shown face-up by the dealer.


Video Poker

This is an old-school automatic poker game. The popular variants are Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better.


It’s an abbreviation for a very important player who usually has different special benefits in the casino. The term VIP originated in the 1930s.


It’s an abbreviation for a video lottery terminal.


Wagering Requirement

A wagering or play-through requirement marks how many times you need to bet the bonus sum to make it available for withdrawals.


A wager is a synonym for bet – it’s how much money you want to risk per a single gaming round.


It’s a high-roller willing to invest big sums but also a player bad at casino games.

Wild Symbol

In slot machine terms, Wild marks a symbol that replaces some other symbols in that game.


You need to understand important gambling terms before entering a casino. The phrases you’ll hear will depend on the game you choose. Knowing what each term means will ensure you understand the game. That automatically means you have a better chance of winning, so make sure to check the gambling glossary before you start playing!

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