Recently, a report released by Online Casino Ground suggested that the Dutch online gambling market will emerge as the biggest in Europe in a few years. Considering that the Dutch online gambling market is yet to be legalized, some have argued that the report is speculative.

However, the report relied heavily on the current spending of the citizens at online gambling websites. Furthermore, the report suggested that Dutch citizens are spending more money at online casinos compared to other European jurisdictions.

This prediction coming to pass remains unknown. However, considering how fast the Dutch gambling market is growing, their prognosis may just come to reality.

The Dutch Online Gambling Market

A few months ago, the Netherlands was among the few European countries that prohibited online gaming. Citizens opted for unlicensed operators located in other jurisdictions. Apart from the loss of revenue by the government, the citizen’s details were also at risk.

However, there are indications that the Remote Gambling Act will be passed into law within a couple of weeks. Also, the delay in the passage of the Remote Gambling Act was linked to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dutch gamblers need to take advantage of the new opportunity. Several iGaming companies have indicated an interest in being part of the Dutch online gaming industry.

More so, the new law will allow operators to apply for licenses in the Netherlands. Therefore, this will provide Dutch citizens a better opportunity to enjoy peculiar offers and bonuses. Also, the jurisdiction they operate may affect the kind of offer made.

Review of Online Casino Ground Report and Website

According to their report, the per capita spending of Dutch players is higher than what German players and some other European countries spend. The report also stated that a Dutch player spent an average of $184 in 2019. The number of active online gamblers has increased from 500,000 in 2015 to 1.2 million in 2019. From the statistics above, more Dutch players may engage in online gambling as soon as the Remote Gambling Act is signed into law.

The Online Casino Ground is an online gaming review website that provides details about the Dutch market. Before now, it seemed quite difficult to get details about real money gambling online and other related matters in the Dutch.

Online Casino Ground was established in 2012. Initially, their primary focus was to provide fellow players updates about online casino offers, like bonuses, promotions, rules, etc. However, they have grown to become an influential part of the online gambling community in the Netherlands.

Overview of Laws Regulating Online Gambling in the Dutch

The present law that oversees gambling-related activities in the Netherlands was passed into law in 1964. The passage of the gambling law in 1964 marked the beginning of the Dutch gambling and lottery industry. But now, the 1964 law is outdated and can’t exist considering the introduction of online gambling.

The introduction of a new gambling authority called Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) in 2012 showed the government’s intention to revise the 1964 law. After several years of deliberating on the Remote Gambling Act, the Dutch government is set to pass it into law in March 2021. This new law will legalize the operations of online casinos in the Netherlands.

The Dutch Online Gambling Industry Compared to other European Markets

Although most online Dutch players have to visit unlicensed casinos, the market has grown remarkably. For instance, in 2015, the average number of Dutch gamblers was 500,000, but that number doubled in 2020. Also, the gross gaming revenue grew from €296 million to €3.1 billion in 2020.

Consequently, as regards gross gaming revenue, just a few countries in Europe top the Netherlands. Some of the countries topping the gross revenue chart are Spain, France, Germany, and Italy. Currently, Dutch gamblers are spending more than German players.

Also, the interest in online gambling is considerably high in the Dutch. The lockdown also engineered more players to opt for online casino gaming.

The Future of Dutch Online Gambling Market

After decades, the Dutch government decided to put together a gambling law that will regulate the market. On the other hand, the Dutch citizens opted for other online gambling options. More so, it appears that the Dutch government wants to tap into the revenues generated by online gambling.

It is glaring that as soon as the new gambling law is passed in March 2021, the Dutch market will become a hot cake for investors. Players have to wait till September 2021 to start enjoying services from Dutch operators. Finally, the Dutch gambling market is set to rise to greater heights.