A few days ago, Gateway Casinos and Entertainment announced that it would reopen its Woodstock facilities. Also, it appears that other Gateway Casinos in regions like Point Edward, Chatham, Clinton, Sarnia, and Edward will reopen on Friday too.

However, reopening the casinos will be strictly according to the guidelines set out by the health authorities but punters still can visit online casinos without any hassles. Gateway Casinos also hinted that all their staff would wear personal protective equipment.

Gateway Casinos Woodstock had been shut down since March last year. Like other casinos, Gateway Casino Woodstock would not be allowed to operate in full capacity.

What to Expect at Gateway Casinos Woodstock

According to the CEO of Gateway Casinos, Tonto Santo, the company is excited to finally reopen its casinos after a long while. However, Santo stressed his company’s commitment to obey all the restrictions set out by the health authorities. Therefore, players should expect a change in Gateway Woodstock’s mode of operation.

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) outlined regulations that all the casinos operating in the province must abide by. Like other casinos, Gateway Casino must operate in line with the regulations outlined by the AGCO. The regulations are as follows:

Meanwhile, the casino must keep a record of all the people that enter the facility. In other words, visitors must provide their name, valid ID, address, etc.

Overview of Gateway Casinos and Entertainment

The Gateway Casinos and Entertainment Limited are considered one of the biggest names in the casino industry in Canada. Currently, Gateway casino owns more than 26 gaming halls in British Columbia and Ontario. Also, Gateway Casino is estimated to employ more than 8,000 people.

Meanwhile, their table games are estimated at 421 and 14,162 slots. Also, they own about 82 food and beverage outlets. Aside from that, their entire hotel is estimated at 561 rooms.

Gateway Casino and Entertainment are estimated to earn more than 4200 million in annual revenue. Furthermore, like other casinos and entertainment companies, Gateway Casinos’ revenue dwindled last year drastically. Although Gateway Casinos can only operate at 50 percent capacity, Santo hopes that gradually operation will get back to normal.

The Gambling Community in Ontario

No doubt, a lot of people in the province have missed visiting the casino’s halls. The revenue of Ontario province recorded a decline since casinos were shut down.

However, it does appear that some players in Ontario province opted to gamble at online casinos since brick and mortar casinos were shut down. More so, the online casino operators took the opportunity and offered mouthwatering bonuses to lure new players.

For now, not too many people will be expected at the reopening of Gateway Casino since the number of visitors permitted will be restricted.

Did the Vaccination of Citizens Trigger the Reopening?

Somehow, casinos were allowed to reopen in the province because of the drop in the number of COVID-19 cases. As at the last check, the number of cases in Ontario had dropped to 200.

In the past, Ontario was one of the provinces with the highest number of COVID-19 cases. However, the vaccination has also restored some courage among the people living in the province. Ontario province has vaccinated 50 percent of its residents.

Also, the province is at stage 3 of its reopening plan. The city authorities decided to reopen casinos five days ahead of schedule on Friday.

The Future of Gateway Casinos and Other Land-Based Casinos

Nobody expected the outbreak of COVID-19 to disrupt economic activities worldwide. Based on that, land-based casinos in Ontario, including Gateway Casinos, need to push for the legalization of online gambling in Ontario. When this is done, Gateway Casino and other casino operators need to incorporate some form of online gambling into their operations.

No matter the offers Gateway Casinos and other operators extend to visitors, the turnout to the casino halls will likely be poor. A lot of people wouldn’t want to be infected. Therefore to remain afloat and recover from their losses, Gateway Casinos and others need to embrace some form of online gambling.