A few weeks ago, GoldenRace received a b2b certification to provide virtual sports betting in South African. The certification was approved by the Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) Africa for GoldenRace’s new V4 online solutions. It’s a known fact that GoldenRace is responsible for 8 out of 10 virtual sports played in Africa.

This implies that the award-winning Virtual Sports and Betting Technology Company can now offer their online products in South Africa. Before now, GoldenRace products are dominant in two of the biggest markets in Africa, Nigeria and Kenya.

Let’s check out what the virtual sports betting market is like in South Africa.

The Virtual Sports Betting Market in South Africa

No doubt, South Africa is the biggest gambling market on the continent. Also, South Africa has a formidable virtual sports market. However, considering the size of the country’s market, most sports betting companies want to have a piece of cake from the industry. Apart from GoldenRace, there are other notable virtual sports companies approved by the Gaming Laboratories International GLI to operate in South Africa like BetTech, Kiron Interactive, etc.

Moreover, the most popular virtual sports betting offered in South Africa are:

Interestingly, combat games such as MMA, UFC, and boxing are also available on most online sporting sites in South Africa. Meanwhile, like regular online sportsbook, virtual sports also offer betting options such as:

Besides, most of the betting companies have made virtual sports more attractive with various offers and promotions. It appears that some South African gamblers now opt for virtual sports betting because it offers fast sports betting cycles. Unlike regular sports, you don’t have 90 minutes or so to win a bet.

About GoldenRace

GoldenRace was established in 2006 by Martin Watcher and Thomas De-Bruyne. More so, GoldenRace specializes in providing virtual sports and betting solutions. GoldenRace is headquartered in Birguma, Naxxar, Malta. Also, GoldenRace virtual sports games generate more than 25 million bets daily.

GoldenRace develops more than 90 percent of the virtual games for Nigerian and Kenyan players. Similarly, GoldenRace virtual sports betting solutions are popular in gambling industries like Asia, Europe, America, etc.

Furthermore, they also provide online virtual sports betting solutions for shops, terminals, etc. GoldenRace has won numerous awards, including the best virtual sports provider in Central and Eastern Europe in 2019. GoldenRace also partners with top gaming companies like:

GoldenRace is licensed by various reputable gaming agencies like Malta Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, etc.

How Does Virtual Sports Betting Work?

Virtual sports betting is a technological innovation that makes use of sophisticated computer programs called RNGs. In other words, it is a computer-generated simulation of real-life sports. Like you already know, the most popular virtual games are horse racing, cricket, soccer, rugby, etc.

Usually, most virtual sports games are designed in 3D. The designs are so perfect you may find it difficult to differentiate real-life sports from virtual games. Also, gamblers are allowed to select from various betting options like real-world betting. For instance, you also place bets on popular soccer leagues like La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, etc. The benefits of sports betting include:

GoldenRace Certification: Gain or Loss for South African Bettors

With the massive expansion experienced by GoldenRace in 2020, it appears that South Africans stand to gain a lot from GoldenRace b2b certification. Apart from the job creation, GoldenRace offers top-quality virtual gaming in 3D. Also, the GoldenRace offers virtual sports games with impressive odds.

If GoldenRace is not a reputable company, they wouldn’t have received certification in Nigeria, Kenya, and European countries. A GoldenRace operation is far-reaching than in Africa and Europe.

Although other virtual sports companies are available in South Africa, GoldenRace’s presence would inspire a competition that will benefit South African gamblers.

What Impact Would GoldenRace Certification Make in the South African Gambling Market?

We cannot overemphasize the achievements of GoldenRace; therefore, their coming into the industry will enhance competition and breed intense growth. GoldenRace has always been at the forefront of virtual sports betting since it was established more than 15 years ago.

As the largest gambling market in Africa, online gambling real money South Africa would positively impact their industry with the coming of GoldenRace. Their games mimic real-life sports to a fault. Finally, players will also have more virtual sports gaming options with the introduction GoldenRace in the market.