It appears that most South Africans play online lotto for fun but also with the hope of winning a prize. However, if you are playing to win a prize, you need to understand how lottery games work. Aside from luck, you also need some lotto tips to increase your chances of winning.

Unfortunately, the lotto is perceived as a game of chance; hence there is no need for tips to win. Right now, you will learn about some of the lotto tips used by experts to cash out huge prizes. Interestingly, the lotto tips outlined here can be used to win at an online casino too.

About Lotto in South Africa

To truly understand the workings of online lotto in South Africa, let’s catch a glimpse of how it started. In the past, online lotto was not available in South Africa. You had to visit a retail outlet to buy a ticket.

The first lotto draw in South Africa was held on the 11tth of March 2000. Initially, lotto draws were held once a week. But in 2019, daily lotto draws started in March. Besides purchasing tickets online, you can buy a ticket via an Automated Teller Machine (ATM), a retail store, etc.

The National Lottery Commission is the regulatory body that offers all lottery activities held in South Africa. Meanwhile, the National Gambling Board oversees all gambling activities in SA.

How to Play Online Lotto in SA

Notably, playing the lotto online in SA is easier and more convenient than its offline version. Also, at the online lotto, your entry number is checked automatically, and if you emerge the winner, you are notified. Follow these steps to play online lotto in South Africa:

  1. Create a lotto account or login if you have one
  2. Choose six numbers between 1 to 52
  3. Select the draws you want to enter
  4. Pick a payment method and pay for your entries
  5. An email confirming your entries will be sent to you to confirm your purchase

Lotto Winning Tips

Here is the reason you have been reading. As far as the lotto is concerned, one wrong move can cost you a huge prize. Follow the lotto tips outline below to win huge prizes:

Online Lotto Vs. Offline Lotto Comparison

Considering how the lottery industry has changed, let’s see the major differences between online lotto and offline lotto.

Online Lotto Offline Lotto
Punters can make entries and pay from anywhere You have to visit the lotto retail store to purchase a ticket
Your entry is automatically registered, and you will be notified if you win Players have to listen to the news or visit the retail store to check if their ticket won
Privacy and security is guaranteed if you win Winnings may be made public to notify the winner
You don’t need a ticket as evidence to show before cashing out If the entry ticket is missing, you may lose your prize

Final Say

Finally, if you are a beginner, look out for lotteries that offer smaller odds but with a higher chance of winning. Strangely, the lotto with lower odds seems to offer players more winning chances. Aside from that, make sure that the online lotto company is approved and regulated by the National Lottery Commission in South Africa.

To crown it all, keeping faith and patience is also important to win an online lottery. It is safer to start with smaller amounts. Don’t forget, winning an online lottery is not as easy as it seems. Gamble Responsibly!