Guessing you need a better way to play and win at real money online casinos, right? Online gambling real money South Africa is not fun if you can’t win a jackpot. Sadly, this is the situation with most bettors.

Gambling requires making decisions in a split second. To win seamlessly, you need to keep reading because the secret of winning at online casinos will be disclosed here!

To avoid losing all your money without winning a single game, use these tips and tricks outlined below. Number 3 tip will amaze you!

Return to Player (RTP) Percentage

Return to Player (RTP) percentage is the money an online casino is supposed to pay back after you have played overtime. If you bet $100 on a 90% RTP casino game, you are expected to get back $90 overtime.

In most cases, online casinos tend to portray a high RTP percentage. However, to find out the real RTP of an online casino game, read reviews from a trusted website.

Of course, you have a better chance with an online casino that has a higher RTP percentage.

Licensed Casinos

To avoid losing your data and money within a short time, ensure that your favorite online casino is licensed. Although this may not seem like a winning tip, it guarantees that you will win money in real cash games in South Africa.

Licensed online casinos are audited and scrutinized by the regulating body to ensure fairness. For instance, some of the trusted and popular gambling agencies are the UK Gambling Commission, the Curacao Gambling Authority, Malta Gaming Authority, etc.

So matter how beautifully designed an online casino is, ensure that it is licensed and fair.

Chasing Losses

Unfortunately, chasing losses has become a bane to so many online casino players. Also, there are so many strategies that encourage players to chase their losses. Avoid loss chasing strategies.

In most cases, if you keep losing without winning a game at an online casino, take a break. Trying to recover your losses may make you lose all your money. This gaming approach can lead to bankruptcy.

Spend Less and Play More

To win at an online casino, you need to play smart. For instance, if your budget is $50, it would be unwise to play at an online casino game with a $10 pay line. Choose an online slot game for $1 per bet so you can play more. This will make your gaming session enjoyable and longer.

With this approach, you have a chance to win more. Going by this, you have 50 chances to win as opposed to 5 if you bet with $10.


You might be wondering what budgeting has to do with winning at online casinos. Even the best online casino play would tell you that this is the only way to remain sane and stay focused. This will help you manage your finances.

If you have exhausted your budget without winning, take a break and try another day. Stick to the amount you have earmarked to gamble online. Don’t spend more than your budget so that other financial needs are not affected.

Drinking and Betting

Drinking alcoholic beverages and betting don’t go hand in hand. Alcohol and betting don’t mix well at all. It ignites more losses than winning. Unfortunately, a lot of gamblers believe that alcohol will increase their winning chances.

A lot of studies have proven that alcohol makes you lose focus while gambling. Your decision-making speed will slow down and eventually become dizzy if you keep drinking and gambling.

Avoid Game of Chance

It is safer to play games that require skills to win than a game of chance. For instance, a blackjack or poker game would be preferable. You still need your blackjack and poker skills to win online.


Using strategies to play at online casinos is highly recommended. However, if you play a game of chance like a slot, you don’t need a strategy. Also, avoid strategies that encourage loose chasing.

What’s more, no online casino strategy guarantees a 100 perfect chance of winning.

Dos and Don’ts at Online Casinos

Dos Don’ts
Play online casinos powered by top software developers Don’t play online casinos powered by unpopular software developers
Check out the wagering requirements of the casino welcome bonus Stay away from welcome bonuses with high wagering requirements
Play demo version first for a better understanding of a game Don’t play with real money before trying out the demo version

Wrapping Up

Finally, a punter must read the terms and conditions of the casino before registration. You didn’t expect this winning trick, don’t you? More than 70 percent of online casino bettors fail to read casino terms and conditions before they gamble. To sum it up, don’t put all your hopes into gambling to make a living.