According to Las Vegas Sun, a new technology that allows players to draw credit from a slot machine has been launched. The technology was created by the owner of a small Las Vegas casino. With this technology, a player can establish a line of credit within five minutes.

Gary Ellis had nursed the idea for a while. However, Ellis created the technology in 2018 and named it Marker Trax. Although the Marker Trax has been tested and up for sale, a lot of casinos online South Africa are yet to know about it.

Frankly, Marker Trax looks like a good idea but will other casinos accept the technology. Let’s see what Marker Trax has to offer.

Features of Marker Trax

Considering the difficult time’s land-based casinos are facing, innovations like Marker Trax will likely spur players to visit them more. From Ellis’s hints, it appears that Marker Trax may work like an Automated Teller Machine (ATM). However, below are basic features of Marker Trax:

Automated Teller Machine (ATM) and Marker Trax

Apart from providing credit to players, it seems like the whole idea of Marker Trax was to eliminate Automated teller Machines at casino halls. Whether or not this will be possible is yet to be known.

However, in an interview, Skinner expressed some satisfaction that Marker Trax will eliminate the use of ATMs at slots. He added that most of the casinos they approached recently bought the whole idea because Market Trax will stop using cash at casinos. Similarly, D’Ante Gamer also praised the entire concept. He said that with Maker Trax, there is no need to use the ATM to get cash. Gamer is a member of Ellis Island’s Passport player’s club.

Although Marker Trax appears to have some ATM features, it will be difficult to stop its use at casinos immediately.

Advantages of Marker Trax

From the description of Marker Trax, this technology will help casino operators to reduce cash management. To a large extent, Marker Trax will also improve the player’s overall gaming experience. Below are the benefits of using Marker Trax:

More so, the availability of a Marker Trax app makes it easier for online casino players to use this technology too. Also, Marker Trax is designed to be fully compliant with all gaming and financial regulations.

COVID-19 and Marker Trax

COVID-19 has influenced the must of the new regulations and innovations initiated in 2020. Nonetheless, that not entirely the case with Marker Trax. According to the founder, Gary Ellis, the whole idea was envisioned when a few years ago. Ellis said a customer visited their casino and drew a credit line from their casino, and immediately the idea came.

However, Marker Trax is a welcome development because it will reduce the use of physical cash at casinos. Don’t forget, COVID-19 is transmitted through contact. Therefore, Marker Trax will enforce the cashless policy at casinos faster.

Will Marker Trax Receive a Widespread Acceptance from Casinos?

Although Marker Trax is still a new technology, it appears to have received widespread acceptance from a casino in LA. In an interview, Skinner stated that about 40 casinos have already signed up to get the technology. Not to mention, Marker Trax was launched less than three months ago.

Furthermore, casinos around the world are seeking measures to improve their services. From all indications, Marker Trax seems like a solution to cash management at the casinos.

Finally, Marker Trax is an affordable technology. Visit their website for more details.