According to Gambling News, Carousel Casino will kick start its operations under new leadership. They have integrated a new casino management system from International Gaming Technology (IGT). Meanwhile, IGT is known for creating advanced technology to boost business operations.

Carousel Casino is a popular gaming venue patronized by South Africans and visitors to the country. Although their past operations were profitable, with IGT coming on board, they aim to improve. With the numerous challenges faced by land-based South African casinos, will this new upgrade yield any positive results?

Overview of Carousel Casino

Before now, Carousel casino was owned and managed by Sun International. Carousel Casino was shut for business like other casinos because of the lockdown. Caurosel Casino (Sun International) Not to mention, Carousel has been around for more than three decades. Carousel Casino was established in 1991. It is currently South Africa’s oldest land-based casino. The casino occupies a large expanse of land. Below are highlights of Carousel Casino features:

The casino was forced to close down in April because of the pandemic. In early December 2020, Sun International management, in an interview, revealed that the Carousel Casino had been sold to an undisclosed company. Sun International CEO Anthony Leeming stated on behalf of the company.

He also added that the casino license had been transferred to a new management team pending the North West Gambling Board’s approval. Likewise, the management team will run the casino until a final takeover by the new owners is completed.

The New Management Team at Carousel Casino

Although the owner of Carousel Casino was not disclosed by Sun International, fingers are pointing at the Lakama Group as the new owners. To confirm this speculation, Sun International applied to the North West Gaming Board to transfer the Carousel casino license to Lakama Resorts and Casino Ltd.

Meanwhile, sometime in September 2020, the North West Gaming board also confirmed the same via a notice. The Morfou brothers own the Lakama Group. The chairman of the company is Mario Morfou. However, the Lakama Group already has a stake in the gaming and entertainment industry in South Africa.

Mario Morfou and George, his brother, were the former owners of Mpumalanga Black Aces. Also, in the early part of 2020, a company called Lakama Resort was registered. Lakama Resort is linked to the Lakama Group. The new owners of Carousel Casino, the Morfou brothers, are expected to operate under the name and style of Lakama Resort.

The Advantages of Using an IGT’s Management System

Morfou brothers Carousel casino's new owners Carousel Casino is the first casino in South Africa to be equipped with the IGT’s innovative Resort Wallet. This system allows players to quickly and efficiently transfer their funds from one game to the other. You can do this by using the club cards. Other advantages of the IGT management systems are:

More so, the IGT system can link at least 400 machines on the property. This system will improve the user interface and messaging.

Impact of COVID-19 on Carousel Casino Operations

Being South African oldest casino, Carousel, under Sun International’s management, has surmounted several challenges. However, it seems that the COVID-19 pandemic came with a different dimension that the Sun International management couldn’t handle. Hence the only option was to sell the company.

The pandemic completely put the operations of Carousel Casino into absolute disarray in 2020. Despite these challenges, Sun International has managed to ensure that its staff doesn’t lose their jobs. An interim management system was set up to run the company pending the takeover by Lakama Group.

On 15th December 2020, Carousel Casino reopened after the Lakama Group acquired the company.

What to Expect from the New Carousel Casino Owners?

Frankly, it appears that the Lakama Group is ready to give players a touch of excellence. The integration of the IGT system is a good way to start. Although this system is already used in other countries, no other land-based casino has incorporated this technology yet in South Africa.

Finally, Carousel Casino is set to take the South African casino online real money space by storm. Let’s hope that the pandemic will go away this year so players can enjoy all the new systems set up by Lakama Group at Carousel Casino.