Sun International is one of the biggest Casinos in South Africa and has branches spread across the country in 8 provinces. From GrandWest and Time square to Sibaya, the Boardwalk, Sun City, and beyond, you can access a wide range of table games and slots at their South African casinos. Sun International Casino’s table games normally use value chips that players can purchase from each table or at the Cash Desk. Players can also enjoy slot machines that come with denominations ranging from 1c to R100, and they also get a chance to play unique slot games such as Sunstriker and Duma.

Two New Millionaires and 142 Jackpots

Since being allowed to reopen after the lockdown, Sun International Casino has already created two millionaires, and it has also paid out over R224.40 million in jackpots during the first two weeks of operation. The Casino is doing all it can to survive under the new regulations that came about as a result of the lockdown. Some of the measures imposed by the South African government on casinos include reducing the running time from 24 hours shift to being required to open from 9:00 AM-8:30 PM. Despite this, the casino has been able to make some significant payouts. Some of these payouts are listed below:

According to Graham Wood, Sun Internationals group COO, the current situation regarding to COVID-19 means that people who live around the casinos are the ones likely to frequent them; hence the casinos should not expect people to drive across towns just to go and gamble. Most people now prefer to bet at their local casinos.

How Did the Sun International Casinos Survive during The Lockdown?

The current state of COVID-19 has led to the Sun International Casinos operating under strict regulations that were laid down by South Africa’s Minister of Tourism. The casinos have had to take some new measures allowing them to operate including rigorous cleaning and sanitizing the frequently touched areas and surfaces. They have also had to ensure that physical shields are installed between seats and slot machines at all their gaming tables. The casino floors’ maximum capacity has been reduced to a maximum of 50%, and entrance to the casinos is restricted to only the Sun MVG members to make it easier whenever the need for tracking and tracing the members may arise. Here are some other measures the casinos have had to take to ensure that they comply with the government guidelines and continue operating:

What About the Other Casinos Pay-Outs?

The casino industry in South Africa and the rest of the world in general has been hit hard by the current pandemic. Strict measures imposed by governments have meant that activities in the casinos have gone down, hence fewer payouts than previous years. There has been a general reduction in the payouts as a result of most people shying away from the casinos. However, the situation is expected to change and resume back to the way it was before the COVID-19 pandemic as governments and citizens seek to find ways of coexisting with the virus until a vaccine is found.

Upcoming Trends and Changes in the Industry

This period has been tough for almost all industries, including gambling. However, it has also come as a blessing to the gambling industry, where they can now look to put more emphasis on online gambling. Since most people are currently avoiding casinos, it is now a great opportunity for the industry to look to invest more on online casino games that will ensure all gamblers get to play their favorite games online without the need of having to gather in one place and run the risk of contracting the Corona Virus.